October 21, 2021

3G/4G pit is difficult to fill Unicom's comprehensive bottom: 5G does not dare to take the lead

In the face of the surging 5G era, China Unicom said that it will not invest too early.

Liu Yunjie, director of the China Unicom Science and Technology Commission, said that the comprehensive deployment of 5G networks needs to be realistic, based on technology maturity and business development. “If you invest too early, there may be risks.”

Liu Yunjie reviewed China Unicom's "sadness" in the 3G/4G era. In the 3G era, China Unicom made a super-intensity investment. When the historical investment was not fully recovered, the Chinese government issued a 4G license, and China Unicom was forced to 4G. Increase investment in the network. However, compared with the other two operators, China Unicom's investment capability still has a big gap, which has caused great trouble to Unicom.

It seems that China Unicom is somewhat "frightened", but Liu Yunjie also stressed that 5G is very different from 3G/4G. 3G/4G is only an increase in network speed, but 5G will have a huge breakthrough in the application field.

In summary, Unicom's treatment of 5G will be more cautious than 3G/4G, and it is prepared but not arbitrary, but this can not help the user to worry, is Unicom 5G behind the movement, telecommunications in time schedule.

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