January 16, 2021

Always pay attention to the car charger can not underestimate its "power"

At present, China has released two industry standards for car chargers, but because the industry standards are only guiding standards, some manufacturers in order to reduce production costs and quality requirements, to the enterprise standards or apply other standards, which led to a lot of illegal business production All that comes out are low-priced three-no products. According to the quality inspection experts, compared with the other three products, the "power" of the unqualified car charger is very large. If a poor quality step-down chip is used, once the high current charging is required, the car charger output will be approximated. Short circuit, eventually leading to circuit breakdown or internal fire.

Always pay attention to the car charger. Don't underestimate its "power"

In addition, the circuit design is unqualified, the flame retardant performance of the outer casing is unqualified, and the high temperature environment or improper protection device may cause danger. Experts advise that you should not buy products that are too low in price, and carefully purchase a car charger with a novel shape and small size. Finally, when using the car charger, you should start the vehicle first, then connect the car charger, and then pull it out after parking or after use. The car charger should be suspended during thunderstorms, high temperatures, and extreme cold conditions.

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