August 11, 2020

Apple curved screen technology

Apple Patent Project No. 8 603 574 describes bending touch sensing, detailing how to accurately produce curved touch screen technology, which can prevent defects caused by panel distortion or bending.

This patent is especially used to make display screens, touch panels, touch mice and other devices.

Apple said that the current touch panel technology, especially the stacking technology including thin film conductors, requires the base substrate to maintain the required thinness, which is difficult to put into production. For example, when covering a film on a flexible base plate made of plastic or the like, the heating temperature must be kept relatively low to avoid structural damage.

However, manufacturers prefer to use higher temperature production in order to enhance the resistance and optical properties of the film.

In order to avoid the deformation of the bottom plate during the cooling process, this patented technology allows the flexible bottom plate to cover the conductor film in a flat state. After the electrode conductor is installed in position, it is joined to the curved shaped substrate and heated. This process allows the touch-sensing laminate on the curved surface to not deform under high-temperature heating.

As mentioned in the patent documents, there are some so-called curved touch screens on the market that are not really curved panels. As shown in the figure below, the left side is a general flat touch screen stack, but the bottom surface of the liquid crystal screen is covered with curved glass.

Although the surface of the screen of this manufacturing method is indeed curved, due to the difference in the distance between the glass surface of the screen and the induced electrical conductor, the touch sensitivity will decrease with change.

If the apple on the right is used, a panel with an average stack thickness is used, and the distance between the surface glass and the film stack is fixed, which can increase the touch sensitivity.

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