July 10, 2020

Apple may surpass HP to become the world's largest PC maker

November 22 News According to foreign media reports, Palo Alto, a subsidiary of market watcher Canalis, today announced a report. According to the report, Apple’s share of the personal computer market has increased from 9% to 15% in the past four quarters with the addition of tablet PCs, which is the highest level for Apple in the past 15 years. At this rate of development, Apple is likely to surpass HP in 2012 to become the world's largest personal computer manufacturer.

Canalys analyst Tim Coulling said, "HP and Apple will compete in the fourth quarter of this year to win the title of PC sales champion. However, if Apple wants to fully surpass HP, perhaps We have to wait until iPad 3 comes out." However, Colin's report does not make any predictions about HP's share of the PC market in the future.

Apple is widely believed to release the next generation of iPad tablets in March next year. However, Canalys believes that iPad's dominance in the tablet market is being threatened by the Amazon Kindle Fire.

In general, however, due to the growth in sales of tablet PCs, Canalys expects global shipments of PCs to reach 415 million units this year, an increase of 15% year-on-year.

Not all analysts will classify tablets into PC sales. However, last week came from the investment bank Needham & Co. The report shows that if only calculating Apple's computer sales, its market share is now only 5%, still lagging behind HP, Lenovo and Dell. Needham said that Apple's market is growing rapidly, faster than any other company. However, Apple’s current market share has been the highest level in the company for the past 15 years.