November 29, 2021

Appreciate value, have strength? SAMSUNG Samsung Level On Headphones

Saying that I won the prize on a website, the prize is said to be "a headset worth 1400 yuan." So I began to look forward to: what would it be, Senhai big girl? AKG K701? Or is it kind to a stranger’s wife? Otherwise, Dafa's MDR series can also be ah, is it Philips, Pioneer, Panasonic, BEATS, FIIL ...? Will it be Bluetooth, will there be noise reduction?

It's just that I guessed the beginning and I didn't guess the ending.

The goods received, I opened the express box, a look at the blue familiar logo, the heart suddenly cool.

Samsung's Level On headphones, wired with remote control, Bluetooth wood with noise reduction. The first time I heard that Samsung also came out with a headset. ! However, my heart quietly said that the appearance is still quite beautiful.

Specially searched, the evaluation of this headset on the Internet is not much, the sound quality is also very vague, what sound quality balance and the like. Although the official price seems to be more than a thousand, the brand-new unopened closures on Taobao's second-hand transfer can be purchased for as little as three hundred. Put an Amazon link:

Open inside is a black egg.

Open, inside is folded headphones, a line, a manual. Headphones work well, the shell is hard, and the inside is fluffy. The headset is white + light brown and looks pretty.

Expanding status:

The side of the headset is blank, up some of the small gray SAMSUNG logo, probably Samsung himself knows that his trademark is not enough in the field of the headset, can sell fifteen thousand headsets, if printed on both sides of a big The Samsung logo has an estimated value of only 500.

The head beam and the side outer ring of the earphone are delicate matte materials similar to pearl paint, while the chrome lines on both sides are glossy materials in the middle. Although not obvious, it still adds a bit of change to the visual effect.

The earmuffs are made of soft leather with a memory foam padding that is very soft and comfortable to touch. The softness is similar to a latex pillow. In addition to what I had touched in the store, I didn't have any headphones with such a comfortable feel in my ear.

The connection between the earphone unit and the outside is movable and can be adjusted within a certain range to make it more comfortable to wear.

The head beam's folding joints and slide rails are made of metal and the workmanship is also very fine. The feel of the slide teeth is obvious, and the feel of the metal slide is really good, and the durability should be better than plastic.

The material of the head beam cushion is the same as that of the earmuffs, it is also soft skin + memory cotton, soft and comfortable.

Headphone cable work is also good.

The good workmanship of the headset gave me confidence. I put on the notebook with the expectation, and plugged in the notebook to open the Netease Cloud Music. Bass turbidity and hypertrophy drag, vocal dull, high frequency dim, very few details, this sound quality is too many two hundred!

Calm down and think about it, it seems like the JVC S500 I bought before, it is also bass hypertrophy, but the S500 has been a lot longer. So it may not be opened, so a computer is plugged in, NetEase cloud music is on, and the headphones are playing in the drawer. From the morning to the end of work, there are about six or seven hours. It seemed better to listen to Glory Magic on the shuttle bus at off duty.

At night, I listened to VIVO XPLAY5 again. XPLAY5 is the leader in HiFi phones. Although it is only a standard version, it is not a flagship version, but it is also enough to hunt ordinary mobile phones that are not designed by HiFi. And XPLAY5's thrust is good, can improve the poor performance caused by lack of thrust. The comparison headset is mainly the Philips SHP9500. There is also the Philips HX5 and Sennheiser PX200II on hand.

Matsutaka's "Let It Go", the Philips SHP9500 listened to the female voice more clear, the details are significantly more abundant, the sound field is also open, especially the percussion of the background, crisp and sweet. While Samsung Level On's voice is slightly boring and the female voice sounds sweet, I don't know if this is the so-called poison. It sounds good anyway. But the details are not so rich, especially the percussion sounds a bit boring and not so crisp. And I found out that on a Level On headset, when the volume is relatively small, the drums will be more prominent, and the volume will be slightly larger, because the high frequencies in the midrange will come and the low frequencies will be more harmonious.

Letter "Last train", the same is clearer 9500, while the Samsung Level On is relatively thick. The 9500 sound field is good, it feels like watching the band rehearsal at a close distance, the details are clear, and the bass drums are also more solid. And Level On feels like listening to a concert. The low frequency is powerful and the atmosphere is better. I like the calm and open listening experience of 9500, but if I say vocal performance, Level On is more contagious.

A few of my favorite passionate legs, such as "Leaving Aunt Laissez-les Kouma", or "Danza Kuduro", or "Sailor's Sheep Fool En Feu"... Samsung Level On Headphone drum performance is more powerful than the 9500, the atmosphere is more enthusiastic and more infectious, although the details are not as rich as 9500, the sound field is not open.

After listening to a few days, I have tried different types of music. I feel that I had previously underestimated Level On. This sound quality is obviously more than two hundred. Well, I think the value of four or five hundred Level On is also a low-frequency pop style headphones. Similar to the BEATS style and positioning, and the appearance of the structure is also very similar. I have not heard the legendary BEATS, but Level On's low frequency is not outrageous, at least a lot more refreshing than the JVC S500. The midrange performance is also good, both female and male voices have a taste, the high frequency is slightly worse. The sound field is relatively concentrated in the brain, not open enough.

Moreover, Level On is quite exquisite workmanship, light weight is not too heavy, and comfortable to wear. I wear glasses, I can not stand JVC S500, the favorite is 9500, followed by the PX200II, and Level On wearing comfort can be ranked third, no problem wearing a hour. Sound insulation is also very good.

However, when Level On is not thrust enough, or when the front end is relatively poor, the low frequencies will be relatively turbid and buzzing. I tried to play on the iPhone 6 and the effect was pretty good, because the iphone is in a relatively cool style and is complementary to each other, making the low frequency converge slightly and not so confusing.

Samsung, which has global ambition, has made a complete attack in various fields. It hard-starches the apple in the mobile phone field, hardens Sony in the TV field, and hard drives Sharp and LG in the LCD panel field. It can not only produce CMOS, memory, and flash memory, but also launches. SLRs, cameras, laptops, etc. Today, Samsung has begun to try to enter the arms dealers, such as mobile phones, washing machines Now, Samsung has taken another step in the field of headphones, Apple and Dafa chrysanthemum tight. Level On is a well-crafted, beautiful-looking, sound-quality headset with Level On Pro, Level On Wireless, and Level In earbuds. Although more than a thousand of the original price has moisture, but as long as three or four hundred on Taobao can buy a brand new unopened transfer, I think it is worth recommending.

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