November 29, 2021

BOSE Lifestyle 650 Home Theater Review

Recently renovated home, small apartment, want to go to a 5.1-channel home theater plus projection, because the family space is relatively small, they have a set of KEF IQ30 bookshelf, there is no place to enlarge the speakers, and can only choose the small wall-mounted speakers. Stores always see BOSE stores, experience Soundtouch 535 and 520, feel the bass box of the bass is still much better than the 520 ordinary satellite box, decided to bite the teeth on the top. The recent renovations have started and are ready to buy a Soundtouch 535. Suddenly, on October 9th, Bose released the newest flagship home theater Lifestyle 650 in the United States. It solved the problem of not supporting 4K and priced at $4,999. Aunt has recommended. Electronic products do not buy new buy old, get a set of channels to find, it should be the first batch of domestic goods, simple out of the box reviews. I am a white fungus and don’t understand music. I just want to watch a movie. I don’t want to despise it. Virgin stickers, tap.

The box is much bigger than you think, and it's a little difficult for a person to hold it up:

Compare it with my baby and know how big it is, about half a washing machine.

Inside the box is very neat, the first floor is the host has been removed by me.

Box family portrait

The main character family portrait

The fingerprint collector is like the 535's subwoofer. The 535 long subwoofer is hard to find a suitable location.

In addition, the bass unit has been enlarged to 10 inches, and the effect is even better. The bass is wireless, and only the power supply is used.

Omni Jewel satellite box, said to be 360 ​​degrees sound, no dead ends, smaller than the previous generation, personal feeling effect is not obvious than the previous generation.

With reference to the iPhone 6 Plus, you know how big it is. On the right is the wireless receiver. Although the rear satellite box is wireless, you still have to use the limited box to connect to the big box. How to put the big box on me is a headache. It is better to bury the thread directly. The connector of the line is a special one, and there is no long line now. Let's look at the poison.

Big and heavy remote control, 4 batteries, learning function but not done well.

From left to right, power, center, front. In the middle of the four lines, one line, the line can be torn from the middle, do not know the designer think so.

The first time you switch on electricity, press the mechanical switch. I have been stuck here for a long time.

He was born in a deep and hot American emperor.

The only good thing is that the subwoofer looks good and the volume is square too.

The middle home is small and has a good texture.

It should be noted here that the joints are too large. If you want to hang a wall, you must use a cover plate slot to bury the line. The 60 pipe will not work.

The wiring method is more tedious, and the enthusiasts can't stand it.

The brushed metal texture is first class.

Wireless receiver, left and right universal.

Since I am only familiar with my KEF IQ30, the effect of simple evaluation is: the atmosphere of the movie sound field is very good, and the bass foot is not like this small volume, but the music, especially the vocal music, is spiked by the bookshelf.

The overall feeling is still the old saying that this set of effects in the same volume is the best, but compared with traditional speakers, the short board is still too obvious.

Personal feelings and the sound effects of the previous-generation flagship SoundTouch 535 were not obvious, and the short board was not made up. The biggest change was in the form factor. The wiring really made me a headache. Wait for me to decorate it and make a picture of it. Thank you for watching.

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