February 26, 2020

"China Cloud" wants to lead the global national strategic planning

Cloud computing is a product of the development of computer science and Internet technology, and it is also a key strategic technology and means to lead future innovation in the information industry. It will bring about fundamental changes in the working methods and business models. It will have important strategic significance for China's technological barriers to foreign companies and the development of high-tech industries. How to make the "China Cloud" lead the world is not only the need for every company to work hard, but also the basic role of the government as a policy guide to build a Chinese cloud computing industry system with Chinese characteristics and a unique business model.

Just recently, Shanghai released the Action Plan for the Promotion of Cloud Computing Industry Development in Shanghai (2010-2012). The first batch of 12 projects with a total investment of 3.12 billion yuan has also been launched. According to this blueprint called "The Cloud Plan", after three years of efforts, Shanghai Municipal Planning has achieved the "ten thousand" development goal in the cloud computing industry, namely, nurturing ten cloud computing technology and service companies with annual operating income exceeding 100 million yuan. , Build ten cloud computing demonstration platforms for urban management, industrial development, e-government, and small and medium-sized enterprise services, and promote the transformation of hundreds of software and information service companies to cloud computing services, and drive the new revenue of the information services industry by 100 billion yuan. Yuan strives to build Shanghai into a national cloud computing technology and service center.

China's development of cloud computing is of strategic importance

According to some scholars in the United States, with the continuous development of Web technology, the importance of cloud computing will exceed that of the Internet.

This is indeed the case. Cloud computing is bringing a revolutionary change to the industry. With the popularity of cloud computing models, the Internet may enter a downturn in the next few years. The importance of cloud computing will exceed that of the Internet. The development of cloud computing will become a key factor in the progress of the industry.

Cloud computing is seen as the third wave of information technology, which will bring about fundamental changes in working methods and business models. Cloud computing has a major impact on the economy, technology, and security. Many countries have made long-term plans for the development of cloud computing. From the perspective of national strategy, China should introduce relevant policies to support the development of the industry, so as to enhance China's innovation capabilities and ensure national information security.

Cloud computing has created new IT service models such as software as a service, platform as a service, and infrastructure as a service. The cloud computing service model has not only created profound opportunities for change in the global information industry, but also brought new development opportunities to traditional industries such as industry. Cloud computing can not only effectively reduce the IT cost of the enterprise, but also can run the business more flexibly and more efficiently, thereby creating greater value. It can be said that cloud computing is also an important part of companies' strategic planning.

China's introduction of cloud computing at the national level is imperative

Nowadays, the cloud computing industry is blooming everywhere in China. Beijing, Shandong, Chongqing, and Wuxi are all promoting the development of local cloud computing industries through policies or demonstration projects. But in general, our country is mainly the behavior of local governments, and most of the support from foreign governments comes from the national level. At the same time, some foreign government agencies and industry organizations have begun to conduct research and discussion on the implementation of standards, and the country is still in the stage of small-scale experimental applications and academic exchanges.

According to Ni Guangnan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, it is good that local governments implement cloud computing plans one after another. However, there may be low level of duplication. Relevant departments should strengthen overall planning and concentrate resources to accomplish major tasks. Not long ago, Comrade Hu Jintao’s remarks at the conference of academicians of the two academies pointed out: “The rapid development of the Internet, cloud computing, Internet of things, knowledge services, and intelligent services has provided powerful tools and environments for personalized manufacturing and service innovation.” Here, President Hu mentioned the development of cloud computing, etc. He mentioned the height of reforming social production methods. The relevant departments should have sufficient knowledge of this and should formulate national-level strategic plans in a timely manner to coordinate cloud computing across the country to achieve better results. Fast development.

"China Cloud" has a chance to surpass leadership

Zhao Wenyin, member of the Cloud Computing Experts Committee of the Chinese Institute of Electronics, believes that China’s independent intellectual property rights and core technologies in cloud computing are basically on the same starting line compared with foreign countries. If we seize opportunities and achieve technological breakthroughs, we can expect to surpass and master right. At the same time, he pointed out that the technological advantage of the traditional IT giant will not be built in the cloud computing era.

In terms of standard setting, Zhao Wenyin thinks that China is relatively difficult to establish traditional technical standards. Therefore, China can make great efforts in service standards. Because, service standards will become the game rules of cloud computing in the future, which can guide the development of cloud computing products and clarify the development purpose of cloud computing products, which will help us to correctly select the technical route for cloud computing product development.

Most components in cloud computing products are still products under traditional technologies, such as operating systems, servers, databases, server virtualization technologies, and so on. The real revolution only occurs at a certain point or points. For example, in Perceiving China, connecting and managing all of China's sensing devices, this management technology for an infinite number of devices is revolutionary, but other technologies and products are exactly the same as the original.