January 16, 2021

Design of IoT Gateway Based on QorIQ Processor


The Internet of Things (IoT) Gateway Reference Design based on the QorIQ LS1021A processor (LS1021A-IOTA) is a small specification dedicated hardware platform equipped with a variety of high speed connections and low speed serial interfaces designed to support for home, business or other End-users in commercial locations securely deliver IoT services. This affordable reference design combines standards-based open source software with a feature-rich IoT gateway design to create a common open framework for the delivery and management of IoT services.

Multi-functional design

Separating the LS1021A-IoT gateway allows for a wider range of high speed and serial connections, providing a highly secure, compact design and impressive diversity. The reference design innovation supports the Arduino Shield module to further support the various communication solutions offered by the Arduino module family. High efficiency is achieved by using the ARM®-based QorIQ LS1021A embedded processor, which delivers over 5000 coremarks of performance at less than 3W typical power.

The MC34VR500 regulator powers all LS1021A-IoT gateway designs. The device features a unique, multi-user programmable DC/DC and LDO output that is ideal for power system solutions. In addition to high performance and high integration, the LS1021A-IoT gateway design also offers HDMI, SATA3 and USB3 connectors as well as a complete Linux software development kit.

The LS1021A-IoT reference design supports a comprehensive level of security, including secure boot, trust architecture, and tamper detection, both in standby mode and active mode. These features combine to continuously protect customer designs from the start of manufacturing to deployment, protecting against malicious attacks and ensuring the highest levels of security and reliability in the end product.

QorIQ LS1021A-IoT Gateway System Block Diagram

QorIQ LS1021A-IoT Gateway System Block Diagram

Main features:

• 1 Gb QSPI NOR Flash

• 1 GB DDR3L

• SDHC slot—up to 32 GB

-4 GB used

• 1 single Gb/s Ethernet (SGMII)

• 1 single Gb/s Ethernet (RGMII)

• 2 mini PCIe (x1) slots

• 1 mSATA slot

• 1 terminal (USB to UART)

• One 4-wire LP-UART to Arduino connector (ZigBee)

• LCD/QE hybrid interface

-24-bit LVDS LCD interface

-QE UART to PROFIBUS connector or

-RS485 (requires external transceiver)

• USB 3.0

-2 ports - USB-A

- 2 ports to the mini PCIe slot

• 13 GPIOs or 8 FTMs (PWM)

• 6 breaks

• 1 SPI

• I2C1 bus



-Arduino connector

- sensor / PHY, etc., TBD

• I2C2

-GPIO extension


- sensor / PHY, etc., TBD

• Certification: FCC Class B and CE

• The kit contains:

-Linux and OpenWRT software

- reference design (chart, layout and available BOM)

-Hardware Quick Start Guide and User Guide

Production-ready design

The LS1021A-IoT Gateway Reference Design enables OEMs or ODMs who want to meet the new IoT market needs and deploy new IoT services to significantly reduce investment costs. Thanks to the emergence of new standards, the IoT gateway design enables them to quickly get support through standard design methods without the huge investment costs. A wide range of interfaces and protocols are complemented by a comprehensive software development kit optimized to support a wide range of platforms to ensure maximum availability. Freescale offers all design documents and detailed bill of materials (BOM) for customers who purchase the IoT gateway platform at no additional cost.

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Design of IoT Gateway Based on QorIQ Processor

Design of IoT Gateway Based on QorIQ Processor

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