October 21, 2021

"Falcon Soar" officially launched today on the HTC Vive platform

December 21, 2016 - Today, Ubisoft announced that its first VR game, Falcon Soar, is now officially available on the htc vive platform.

"Falcon Soar" game promo

"Falcon Soar" was developed by the FunHouse team of Ubisoft's Montreal studio. The story of the game is set in Paris, which was occupied by wildlife and nature 50 years after the disappearance of mankind. The game allows players to re-explore this once-in-a-life resort from the perspective of raptors. As an eagle, players will fly through historic streets and through narrow streets and secret passages. In the single player mode of the game, players can continually improve their flying skills and learn new tricks by completing different challenges. In multiplayer mode, supporting up to 3V3 to chase air combat will also give players a heartbeat-accelerated gaming experience.

"Falcon Soar" officially launched today on the HTC Vive platform

Developed for the VR platform, Falcon Soars emphasizes ease of operation and comfort. The game's groundbreaking VR control technology provides players with natural and precise motion control, which allows players to easily hone their flying skills to complete a variety of superior flight movements and experience a true flight feel.

“Ubisoft has always been very focused on innovation and emerging technologies, and we are excited to release our first VR game, Falcon Soul.” Chris Early, vice president of digital publishing at Ubisoft San Francisco, said, “Falcon Soar” The first contact with VR games is still a very good game for experienced players. The game experience will be very intuitive, so even novices can easily get started and play at their own pace. Experienced Players can explore more exciting experiences in the game from single-player challenges or multiplayer competitions. They must master the flying skills in Paris, on the streets, and even underground, capturing the prey they are chasing and Finally beat the opponent."

For more information about Falcon Flying, please pay attention to Ubisoft's official website and Ubisoft China's official Weibo.

About Ubisoft

"Falcon Soar" officially launched today on the HTC Vive platform

Ubisoft is a leading company in the development, distribution and sale of interactive entertainment games and services. It has a wealth of diverse global brands, including Assassin's Creed, Full Dance, Watchdog, and Tom Clancy series, Lehman, Far Cry, and Watchdog. Ubisoft's development studios and offices are spread across the globe, bringing the purest and deepest gaming experience to all popular gaming platforms, including home consoles, mobile phones, tablets and PCs. Ubisoft's turnover in the 2015-16 fiscal year is 1.394 billion euros. For more information, please visit:

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