November 29, 2021

Fans Blessed Miami University to Build VR Channel for School Basketball Team

VR sports training company EON Sports announced a partnership with the University of Miami to launch an official VR sports channel dedicated to the Miami University Hurricanes.

The supporters of the Miami Hurricanes will be able to watch the game of the teams they support through the VR channel launched by EON Sports. The University of Miami will also upload some athletes behind the scenes on the VR channel to bring fans immersive stories. VR experience.

EON Sports founder and CEO said: “We are very excited about the cooperation with the University of Miami. We will bring unique VR experiences to the supporters of the team. At the same time, we are very pleased with the University of Miami’s professors and students. Athletes can use our EON Sports VR technology to train and improve their competitive level through VR technology. We hope that through this cooperation, all athletes in the United States will recognize the advantages of EON's VR training technology."

Supporters of the Hurricanes can watch unique and exciting content on the VR channel, including training videos and interviews with athletes. The VR channel will be launched in October. At the same time, the University of Miami will launch the bundled VR headset for $29.95.

The director of sports at the University of Miami said: “We are very excited to work with EON. In addition to launching broadcast and video content on VR channels, we will also expand VR channels in the future to include immersive 360° videos. VR content. We can't wait to go to October and see our VR channel officially launched. After our athletes use the training technology provided by EON, there will be exciting and good performance.”

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