August 11, 2020

High-power LED light engine light distribution solution

[Source: "High-tech LED - Technology and Applications" June issue]

The vigorous development of the LED industry promotes the formation of the concept of "LED light engine", especially in the field of high-power LED lighting, the light engine can solve some technical problems better. The LED light engine is an LED module with independent light distribution, heat dissipation, and standard unified electrical and mechanical interfaces, and has a high degree of protection. The LED light engine needs to be applied to a variety of lighting scenarios based on a standardized interface, which has a wide variety of requirements for light distribution.

The LED light engine of the integrated light distribution lens group adopts an integral lens group, the light transmittance is relatively high, the light distribution and protection are completed at one time, and the secondary light loss is less. After boiling water boiling red ink test, it basically reaches the industry. High protection rating IP68. The LED light engine has completed the research and development of six kinds of light distribution types such as street light distribution, 20 degrees, 40 degrees, 60 degrees, 90 degrees, and billboard projection. After arrangement and combination, it can basically meet the needs of various scenes.

Road lighting is one of the most common applications for LED light engines. Compared with the reflector light distribution of the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp, the LED street lamp is equipped with a refracting lens, which has the characteristics of free light distribution and good illumination uniformity. Due to the influence of the traditional concept of traditional lamps and the excessive pursuit of "illuminance uniformity", ignoring the "brightness uniformity", the LED street lamp illumination test value is very beautiful, but the naked eye feels "anti-zebra effect" (the naked eye visually senses the light pole) Under the dark, there is a large bright spot between the poles, and the traditional light pole is bright, the darkness between the two poles is exactly the opposite, which has a bad effect on LED lighting. The reason for this undesirable effect is that the human eye does not directly see the "illuminance", but the "lightness" senses the road lighting effect. Therefore, a good road lighting should be the effect of visually feeling that the road surface brightness is very uniform.

The "illuminance uniformity" and "brightness uniformity" of LED street lighting have always been contradictory points in the industry. One of the important reasons is that the owner of the LED street lamp is often not equipped with a brightness meter and only an illuminance meter due to the limitations of the acceptance device. Therefore, the "illuminance" and "illuminance uniformity" can only be used as acceptance and evaluation criteria. In reality, however, the users of the road are vehicles and pedestrians, and “brightness” and “brightness uniformity” should be used as evaluation indicators instead of “illuminance” and “illuminance uniformity”.

This kind of light distribution mode that takes into account both "illuminance uniformity" and "brightness uniformity", the light distribution curve is shown in Fig. 1, the road length direction is batwing light type, the peak angle is 125°, and the light is evenly distributed. It is distributed on the road surface; the road width direction is 15° polarized light, which effectively improves the light utilization rate. The LED street light with this light distribution can not only obtain the illumination uniformity of 0.7 or more, but also achieve the brightness uniformity of 0.5 or more in the use of most typical roads, which satisfies the acceptance requirements of the owner and satisfies the road pedestrians. User experience. According to the road condition of 180W LED street light, 15300lm luminous flux, 18m road width, 30m pitch, 10m pole height and elevation angle 10°, the simulation result is shown in Fig2-4, the illumination uniformity is 0.916, and the brightness uniformity is 0.46. Street light with LED light engine, compatible with Lumileds, Cree, OSram and other light sources.

For more information, please refer to the June issue of "High-tech LED-Technology and Applications" magazine.

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