October 21, 2021

If Apple wants to build a series of cars, how can it be beyond imagination?

Although it has been rumored that Apple has abandoned the car-making plan and put its focus on building an automatic driving system, recently one patent after another seems to have involved Apple in the rumor of making cars. Whether Apple wants to build a car or not, we still don’t know what car to build. A recent article by HackerNoon called "The Apple Car won't look like you think" caught our attention, and author Álex Barredo wrote his vision for Apple.

When you ask a person Ta what the idea of ​​an Apple car will be, he may tell you that the Apple car will be as cool as the Audi or Ferrari concept car, as seen in the movie, and even Fly up, but the author of this article seems to think that Apple will be like this (below):

Now to explain, Apple's design philosophy has been running through Apple's history. The simple conclusion is that "a thousand negatives are exchanged for a certainty" and "remove everything that can be removed."

"Standard car": 1890-2020

Think about the cars you can see every day: the four doors with windows are on the side, the engine is bulging in front, the seats are next to each other, one row, two rows, generally up to three rows, followed by a trunk. Different forms of headlights, exhaust pipes and another piece of glass are mounted on the back of the car.

All the seats in the interior are facing the front, the steering wheel, the pedals, and the dashboard filled with visual elements of the human-machine interface, plus a variety of small blankets.

There are two lamps, a radiator and a front glass in front of the car. Only these three elements can show the industrial design of the car. It is only in these places that industrial designers can make their own ideas. .

Apple Car: 2020-? ? ? ?

Apple's products are not able to please anyone. This problem is frustrating for many people, because these people may have to wait for another 40 years to understand that they are not the center of the universe, so not all consumer technology products are for them. And built.

If Apple wants to reinvent the transportation market, their primary goal should be how to create a universal way of travel on a global scale: in the city, several people (most of the time) travel in a low-speed car. Assuming Apple has an autopilot system and an electric engine, let's imagine what we can remove from a common car:

Four doors: You don't need four doors to get into the car, one is enough.

A row of two rows of seats: the seats don't all need to be forward, so you can't make full use of the space.

Two headlights: If traffic rules permit, a headlight in front of the car is installed in the center (perhaps an apple logo-shaped headlight).

Two red rear lights: Same as above, reduced to a minimum (one 盏).

Indicator light: Same as above.

Front radiator: Electric vehicles do not need such a thing.

Engine Engine: The engine will be placed directly in the steering wheel, and the drive shaft says Goodbye.

Do you think Apple is overturned? Not yet, let's imagine what else Apple will remove.

Trunk: If most of your itinerary is in the city, do you still need a trunk? What you want to install can be put into the compartment with people.

Seats looking forward: These seats are now facing the only door, or they are placed around, like the back seat of a luxury sedan.

Windshield: Why do you need a windshield? It’s all about the era of driverlessness.

Aerodynamic design: Most of the journeys will be driven at low speeds, so the streamlined design that we used to be common is negligible, and the rectangular body can maximize the space inside the car.

Dashboard: If you don't have to drive, you don't have to look at the dashboard. Perhaps the car will tell you via the iPhone.

In summary, the future Apple car may be like this.

to sum up

Apple cars may only be suitable for 1-2 people, up to 3-4 people, because its goal is mainly to deal with short trips within the city. If you are traveling by family or team, you can consider buying more. Maybe driving an Apple car, you no longer need an adult with a driver's license, because driving will become easier.

Finally, the materials used in the car body will also change. Some sturdy materials that may cause an increase in the weight of the car will become dispensable. On the contrary, materials such as glass, carbon fiber and even aluminum alloy will play an important role in the Apple car. It is foreseeable that other industries related to automobiles will also change. Of course, gas stations and car dealers are not among them. Perhaps these industries will experience a more serious turmoil, because the emergence of electric engines and so on will make people visit gas stations and repair shops less and less. Of course, the drastic reduction in car accidents will also cause the auto insurance industry to fade. As for how Apple cars will affect your life, let us wait and see.

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