September 28, 2020

Jiani Lighting: Sunshine Enterprises Make the City Bright

Mr. Wang Jingxuan, Sales Director of Jiani International Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. With the development of social economy, the status and role of lighting in people's lives have also changed a lot. Lighting is no longer only necessary to solve the nighttime lighting environment, but also becomes the inevitable pursuit of people's good living environment. In the city, due to the lack of natural landscapes such as mountains, water, and trees, buildings have become an important component of the environmental landscape. The building is decorated for its unique shape during the day, and at night it shines through the façades of the city. Urban lighting is an important part of urban civilization and a means of building and displaying its image in modern cities. In recent years. In the city lighting projects that have arisen in cities across the country, due to the attention and strong support of governments at all levels, building facade lighting has achieved unprecedented development in scale and technology. With the approach of 2008, in order to welcome the Olympic Games, Beijing's urban lighting project has also received more and more attention, and related companies have emerged as the times have come. In order to further understand this industry, we interviewed Jiani International Lighting Project. Mr. Wang Jingxuan, Sales Director of Ltd. HC Network: Hello, Mr. Wang! First of all, thank you for accepting the interview with HC. Jiani International is already a relatively influential company in the industry. Please briefly introduce the company's development history and current situation. Wang Jingxuan: Jiani International Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 2001. The company was formerly known as Beijing Jiani Science & Trade Co., Ltd. We are a professional lighting engineering design company engaged in indoor and outdoor high-quality lighting environment design of various buildings. The main business contents include architectural lighting design, lighting environment planning and design, and lighting engineering consultant supervision. At the same time, we are also a professional lighting engineering company integrating lighting agent, supply, installation and construction. The company mainly sells top-grade lighting products in Europe and America, and becomes the exclusive agent in mainland China for several well-known European top products. During the development process, the company has many contacts with foreign counterparts. Mr. Huo Chao, the chairman of the company, graduated from MIPMBA MASTER with a master's degree in business administration from Milan University of Technology. He worked for TARGETTI in Italy and served as the chief representative of China. It was also at this time that Mr. Huo understood the domestic market and, with a patriotism, Mr. Huo resolutely returned to China and founded Beijing Jiani Science and Trade Co., Ltd. While creating a market in China, Mr. Huo often leads the company's middle-level personnel to participate in technical exchanges with Italian TARGETTI, so that the company's technical level is in line with international standards. At the beginning of the company's establishment, it was mainly for some engineering companies to do some lighting design work, but also to provide some products. As the company continues to expand, the technology level and management system continue to improve, the company has matured. Now we are mainly for engineering companies or Party A. For example, after the construction of the building they designed, they will not spend a lot of money to ask a very professional design company to do this lighting. At this time, we need to make suggestions, how to Make the structure of the building more prominent and achieve a good night lighting effect. Our company is not just the design of lighting, we are combining design and construction, and the two complement each other. HC Network: What are your products mainly for those companies? Where is the company's regional market? Wang Jingxuan: Our main products are: Italy's TARGETTI, IGUZZINI, ING.CASTALDI, LUCEPLAN, France's VERT, Denmark's LOUIS POULSEN, etc., eight brands. The main market is still Beijing, and it also radiates the surrounding provinces and cities of Beijing. HC Network: Several of the products you mentioned are foreign brands. Why did the company choose these foreign products? Wang Jingxuan: Because Huo spent a long time abroad, he also knows about these products. This is also the advantage of our company. Our company's products are positioned at the high end and the middle end, so it is inevitable to choose foreign products. Then the quality of these foreign products is relatively good. This is very important for engineering, and our company also attaches great importance to product quality. HC Network: With the government's emphasis on night lighting, more and more companies enter the industry, the competition is bound to become increasingly fierce, the company is relying on those advantages in the fierce competition can not stand? Wang Jingxuan: The first is quality, as well as the service system, including design, product supply, installation, and post-maintenance. We are very professional. The company is now the third level of urban road lighting construction. HC Network: Can you talk about some of your views on the future development of the night lighting industry?

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