September 28, 2020

Lei Jun's card: The millet phone is only a bridge to the Empire

Lei Jun's card: The millet phone is only a bridge to the Empire On August 16th, Xiao Qiao, the heavyweight “rice powder”, flew from Inner Mongolia to Beijing to participate in the millet mobile conference at his own expense. MIUI just came out and he risked being bricked into the first batch of experience - HTC HD2 was still a folk version, and MIUI's MIUI had many flaws.

There were nearly 700 "rice noodles" at the conference site. When the Xiaomi mobile phone on the big screen hit 1999 yuan, there was a long burst of applause and screams. Lei Jun gave Xiaomi mobile phone industry a unique game console level configuration: 1.5G dual-core, 1G memory, Sharp anti-reflection screen and 1930 mAh battery.

There are about 500,000 rice noodles such as this, 300,000 in China, and 200,000 in other parts of the world. They are Lei Jun’s biggest and only hope. Lei Jun is trying to rely on these opinion leaders to promptly make Xiaomi’s mobile phone available in the market.

However, the millet phone is not the real purpose of Lei Jun, Xiaomi phone is just a bridge to his inner cell phone empire.

China Jobs

Lei Jun's Jobs complex at the millet phone conference at a glance. Fan screams, godfather sermons, a Jobs-style black T-shirt, a pair of jeans, and an pair of Angry bird's cloth shoes.

Lei Jun has now concentrated all of Xiaomi's resources on three products: Michao, MIUI and Xiaomi Mobile Phone - Hardware + Software + Services.

Yes, Lei Jun's eyes never left the mobile Internet. In the future, all millet's profit models will almost certainly bet on rice chat.

In today's mobile Internet, it may be harder to become a QQ on a mobile phone than on the sky. You can build it on your mobile phone, and others can. In the era of this APP application store, in the business community where the mobile terminal manufacturer channel is king, if Ms. wants to live safely, she must have her own operating system. This is the greatest value of MIUI.

If you want to guarantee the installed capacity of MIUI, is there any way to do better than making a mobile phone yourself? In fact, in Lei Jun’s product lineage, there was also a first chat with MI before MIUI was developed after MIUI was developed. Lei Jun promised his team to build a hardware team within three months.

Lei Jun's ultimate goal is to let Miao chat become the QQ of the mobile phone end, how is Tencent to be profitable now, the future rice chat may have how to make money.

Everywhere in the narrow road Tencent

The birth of Xiaomi phone has become the time when Xiaomi and Tencent met. On the morning of Xiaomi’s mobile phone release, Tencent’s wireless division launched a long-awaited QQ address book.

Since the professional address book products have high value for smart phone users, the QQ address book is one of the most important products of the Tencent wireless business system, second only to mobile QQ.

Tencent Wireless Division is trying to get out of the "mobile QQ" client. He Jing, the product manager of Tencent's 3G Products Division responsible for the QQ address book, revealed that this product was established in March and April and is still in a stage of basic function development. However, the number of users has grown rapidly and the number of users has exceeded one million.

Tencent's developers are trying to attract users through more interesting features.

Unfortunately, this is also the goal of Xiaomi. At this time, the users who have brushed millet MIUI system will find that if Tencent's QQ address book is installed on the MIUI system, it will be more “troublesome”: Each phone and each SMS needs to be deleted once in the Xiaomi system. Delete once more in the QQ address book. Hu Zhendong, general manager of Tencent's 3G product division, revealed that this is because the MIUI operating system did not give the QQ address book a similar "license" authorization. Actually, this is not difficult. Xiaobin President Lin Bin said that this involves user privacy and security, and Xiaomi has encountered this problem.

In fact, Mi Jing's opponent is not just software. On the platform, Li Kaifu's "deligent" OS has entered the Sharp and Tianyu mobile phones and has built many applications of QQ. Tencent's QQ servic integration and optimization packaged many functions of QQ on Huawei, oppo, and Tianyu mobile phones.

Lei Jun apparently believes that such cooperation is not "insurable". To ensure that MI talks will develop steadily in the future, MIUI must be given more terminal carriers. Although there are also many mobile phone manufacturers looking for Lei Jun, MIUI will be upgraded every week. The terminal adaptation work done is too great. Therefore, the only option for Lei Jun is to sell Xiaomi mobile phones to the maximum.


Of all Lei Jun’s investments, only Xiaomi Technology initiated the establishment of his own company. Other companies only received his funds.

In addition to founder Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s co-founders include Lin Bin, former vice president of Google’s China Engineering Research Institute, Zhou Guangping, former senior director of Motorola’s Beijing R&D Center, Liu De, former director of industrial design department of Beijing Science and Technology University, and Li Wanqiang, former general manager of Jinshan PowerWord Huang Jiangji, former director of Microsoft China Engineering Academy, and Hong Feng, former senior product manager of Google China. Lei Jun said with a smile, millet phone is Google + Motorola's product.

The current Lei Jun, invest a large number of engineers to upgrade their MIUI every week, this does not make money; his rice chat user is still in the accumulation stage, does not make money; his millet phone, has the speed and memory equivalent to Apple Mac air, gross profit But less than 300 yuan.

An insider close to Xiaomi disclosed that HTC and Motorola have the same configuration profit of 30%, while Apple's iPhone is even higher – Xiaomi’s mobile phone emulates Apple’s practice of only producing a high-end mobile phone and focuses its sales on a mobile phone. On the other hand, the cost is kept to a minimum.

Millet mobile phones use online direct sales, where the customer's storage and distribution. But the other biggest cost of e-commerce is actually promotion.

The company Lei Jun has invested in has become a key factor in the success of Xiaomi's mobile phone - Xiaomi mobile phone will be promoted through these sites, and may be free. You know, if it is a traditional mobile phone maker, the offline channel cost is even as high as 900 yuan per cell phone.

In Lei Jun's words, "Millet will not abuse the sibling company's advertising resources, they are my 'card.'" In fact, Lei Jun's hand is actually there are those enthusiast fans.

To see a person's worth depends on who is his opponent; to see a person's hand depends on who his friend is.