July 10, 2020

Low-voltage switch standard "innovation"

The National Certification and Accreditation Administration recently announced that the low-voltage switchgear and other products will implement the new version of the standard and put forward specific requirements for related matters.

It is understood that GB7251.1-2005 "Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment" national standard has been implemented since August 1, 2006, in accordance with the provisions of the relevant departments, from the date of implementation of the new version of the standard, the original applicable old security standards The regulations should be automatically abolished.

The announcement stated that in the future, all relevant designated certification bodies and laboratories must adopt the new standards to implement certification and testing. For low-voltage switchgear products that have obtained compulsory certification, the holders of the old standard certificate should be implemented after the new version of the standard. Before a follow-up inspection, apply to the designated certification body for a new version of the standard certificate, the final deadline is December 31, 2007.

The announcement also includes: For low-voltage switchgear products that use the local production license plus test report conversion to obtain the “3C” certification certificate, in order to reduce the burden on the enterprise, three items should be carried out without affecting the product quality and safety performance. Confirmation of major safety test items. On this basis, the testing agency shall be responsible for perfecting the corresponding content for the products and testing items in the local production license test report that are different from the mandatory product certification testing requirements.

Opinion: Market competition begins with standards and standards

Under the conditions of market economy, enterprises need to face the market independently and withstand the competitive pressure from many parties. The short-cut for enterprises to win the market is to participate in the formulation of standards with independent intellectual property rights, so that enterprises can occupy the technical commanding heights in this field and have an advantage in technological competition.

As the industry jargon says, third-rate enterprises make products, second-rate enterprises play brands, and first-class enterprise standards. This shows that companies only strive to develop a one-step technical standard, and strive to upgrade to the industry standard, as far as possible to combine the patent and standard two weapons, in order to form a truly strong competitive advantage. Taking the Far East Cable Factory as an example, many years ago, the factory carried out the formulation of national industry standards, participated in the preparation of industry standards and norms, and participated in the preparation of a number of national standards or industry norms. Not long ago, Hu Qingping, a senior engineer of the Cable Research Institute of the plant, participated in the drafting work meeting of the National Standard for Nuclear Power Plant 1E Grade Cables, and gathered together with experts from the Nuclear Safety Center of the State Environmental Protection Administration to fully express their opinions. The right to speak.

"From the development of new products to the delivery of finished products, there is always no standard. All production processes must be finished with standards to ensure the quality." Far East strictly abides by this rule. To this end, Far East Cable continues to expand with the excellent quality of the city. The industry believes that the international advanced standards adopted by the factory are mainly the latest standards promulgated by the International Electrotechnical Commission. Some products adopt the US UL standard, the German VDE standard, the British BS standard, Product standards of advanced countries such as French NF standard and Japanese JIS standard. Through the adoption of international advanced standards, the various technical and economic indicators of the enterprise have been greatly improved, and at the same time, the trust between the production plant and the users has been increased. Production companies should establish their own standards system based on national standards and industry standards. This standard draws a pass line for an enterprise product, which is a basic requirement for quality. With the development of the standardization process, this line will continue to improve, which will promote the continuous improvement of the product quality of the enterprise. The author believes that a standardized raw material procurement system should also be established on raw materials to strengthen the control of suppliers. At the same time, the supplier should be regularly assessed for quality, and information feedback and work links should be made to ensure the normal and effective production and the implementation of product quality standards.

Market competition begins with standards and is finally standard. The wire and cable industry faces a new era of standard competition. Enterprises with a certain scale and strength should actively strive for the right to speak of industry standards and international standards in order to effectively enhance the international competitiveness of enterprises.