September 28, 2021

Luo Yonghao: The hammer T3 has been mass produced! Adding to the Frost, Samsung Note 2 Crashes on Indian Flights | Lei Feng Morning Post

Luo Yonghao: The hammer T3 has been mass-produced!

The Xiaolong 821 flagship machine has begun to appear alternately, and the old Luo Yonghao's hammer T3 is still illogical. Recently, a series of news such as the huge loss of the hammer technology and the company to be acquired have been continuously reported, and the hammer in addition to replying “false” two. The words seem to have no other tricks, really make people worry.

But now Lao Luo personally appeared and gave us a sure-footed pill.

Luo Yonghao's latest microblog clearly stated that the hammer T3 has already begun mass production, and the time for the press conference is about to be completely determined. In addition, on the hammer T3 and other aspects, it also prepared a considerable number of cattle X to be said at the press conference. Combined with the previous use of the hammer T3, which demonstrated that the cruising ability of the hammer is sufficient for a full day of use, this round of hardware configuration and tuning optimization will become the focus.

Adding to the frost! Samsung Galaxy Note 2 catches fire on Indian flights

Samsung, which has been plagued by the Galaxy Note 7 explosion recently, is once again in a tragedy. According to foreign media quoted an official of the Indian Civil Aviation Administration as reporting, a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smokes on Indian flights from Singapore to Chennai, a southern Indian city.

At the time, some passengers first smelled of abnormal smoke, immediately notified the crew, and then checked that the Galaxy Note 2 was in the carry-on luggage rack. The crew used a fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire and then placed the cell phone in a container filled with water and moved to the toilet for isolation. This is the first time that a Samsung device caught fire on an Indian flight.

After this incident occurred, the Civil Aviation Authority of India has issued a notice to prohibit the use, opening, or charging of Samsung's Note series phones during flights.

SpaceX Announces the Cause of the Falcon 9 Rocket Explosion

According to foreign media reports, SpaceX recently announced that engineers have found possible causes of the rocket explosion. SpaceX company said that three weeks ago, the explosion accident that destroyed the Falcon 9 rocket was likely to be a leak in the radon system in the oxygen chamber above the rocket. The cause of the leakage of the radon system remains to be investigated. SpaceX company spokesman Dex Torricke-Barton said that we are still exploring a series of possible reasons and we are currently not commenting.

On September 23, SpaceX announced on its official website that the investigators did not find any relationship between the September 1 explosion and the company’s failed mission in June 2015. At the time, SpaceX was tasked with transporting material to NASA for NASA. The accident was caused by a crack in the support of the liquid nitrogen system in the upper oxygen tank of the rocket, which caused the oxygen tank to be overpressured in just 2.5 minutes after takeoff. It caused an explosion.

SpaceX Company stated that preliminary investigations and debris studies showed that the low-temperature nitrogen system leaked in the second-stage liquid oxygen chamber of the rocket and that it was currently investigating all possible causes of leakage. However, in the investigation, we excluded the link between the accident and the explosion that occurred last year.

The world’s first electronic ink PC display can also be used outside the world

Recently, a product named Paperlike appeared on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, it is known as the world's first electronic ink computer monitor. As soon as this product appeared, it gained high popularity and the funds raised reached US$162,083, which was more than 12 times the expected target.

It is understood that the Paperlike E-Ink display measures 13.3 inches in size. It requires only one USB cable to connect to the PC. It does not need to provide additional power and it can work properly. Users can use 800x600 to 1600 according to their own needs. Choose between a variety of resolutions such as ×1200.

The R&D team stated that the Paperlike E-Ink display's display tone is still black and white, allowing users to perform multiple operations such as using Office software, browsing the web, programming, playing videos, and displaying pictures. However, the price of such an electronic ink display is not cheap at all. The Paperlike's early price was $895 (approximately RMB 5968), and it is expected that shipments will begin in October.

MediaTek Helio X30 Release: First 10nm Core

Recently, MediaTek finally made a big move and officially released the second-generation ten-core processor Helio X30. There are indeed many things to watch.

It is understood that the Helio X30 is the world’s first 10nm mobile processor and still uses a three-slave set architecture, but it is a 2 Cortex-A73 (2.8GHz) + 4 Cortex-A53 (2.3GHz) + 4 Cortex-A35 ( 2.0GHz) core combination. Among them, A73 has the strongest performance, and A35 has the best energy consumption and is positioned under A53. In addition to the improvement of the manufacturing process, the promotion of the Helio X30 on the GPU is also very gratifying. This time, the Helio X30 abandoned the ancestral Mali, equipped with a quad-core Imagination PowerVR 7XTP, and PowerVR has almost always been a favorite of Apple's core.

In comparison, the Helio X30 has a 43% increase in performance compared to the Helio X20, and its power consumption is reduced by 53%. It is said that the running points can reach 160,000 points. In other respects, the Helio X30 supports up to 8GB of LPDDR4X memory, supports UFS 2.1 memory chips, dual ISP supports up to 28 million pixel cameras, 3 carrier aggregation, Cat.10 LTE, and 802.11ac WiFi.

Google released the latest version of the AI ​​system, image matching accuracy of up to 93.9%

Recently, Google released the latest version of the machine learning system, which achieved the best results in history by recognizing the content in images and matching the corresponding text. Google has already open sourced this result on TensorFlow. Since 2014, Google has been working on this project, and now the algorithm has described the image accuracy as high as 93.9%.

Because they are using a recent iteration that uses a starting architecture, the big question for the Google team is whether the algorithm can do more than simply identify the objects in the image. To truly interpret and describe a photograph, artificial intelligence needs to understand not only what is in the picture, but also how it relates to these objects in the image. Google's developers stated that this is not just a reversal of data. The algorithm must be able to understand the objects in the image and their uses naturally.

The Google research blog post said: "What's exciting is that our model can indeed produce accurate essays when presenting new situations. This shows that the system has a deeper understanding of the goals and background in the images.

Incremental linear encoders

Incremental Encoder is commonly used, and Absolute Encoder is used if there are strict requirements on position and zero position. Servo system should be analyzed in detail, depending on the application situation. Commonly used incremental encoder for speed measurement, which can be used for infinite accumulation measurement; Absolute encoder is used for position measurement, and the position is unique (single or multiple turns). Finally, it depends on the application situation and the purpose and requirements to be realized.

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