November 29, 2021

Make the game even more exciting, Logitech G533DTS 7.1 wireless headset experience sharing

Logitech G533 Wireless DTS 7.1 surround sound gaming headset microphone 999 yuan 15 hours long life, 15 meters long connection. 7.1-channel, support DTS HeadPhone: X technology Jingdong Direct link Encyclopedia

Although I'm not a fanatic fan of games, I occasionally want to play games to relax, and as a digital enthusiast, I would like to try out all digital products that can improve the experience. This time I'm grateful to Auntie for giving me a chance to come Feel the charm of this wireless headset, get headphones on the last day before returning home, just take home experience. And this wireless headset, I have not used before and the Bluetooth headset is not the same, brings some feelings and experiences are not the same, let's chat together.

Written in front

Logitech as a professional peripheral equipment, but also used his home products countless, but with his home's wireless headphones for the first time, not to mention a still alive for 15 hours, with 7.1 surround sound gaming headset, really worth it look forward to. Logitech's headset product line is still quite rich, there are four main gaming headsets, G533 as one of the high-end products, whether it is sound or life have a good performance. However, as far as the picture is concerned, the appearance design is quite satisfactory.


Outside the box is square, the headphone is very obvious, so look at the past, the design of this headset is more sturdy, after all, is a game headset, I believe it is mainly based on the function, and the main target for the user is male Even female users. The main highlights of the back of the headset several major selling points, 7.1 surround sound, 15h battery life, etc., not much highlights, but are worth the wait, after all, is the high-end products of the Logitech family.

Inside the packing box, a special card slot is designed according to the size of the earphone, which can just put down the earphone, and the packaging is more convenient.

This is a USB receiver unique to this wireless headset.

The use method is very simple, can be used directly on the computer, whether it is windows or mac can automatically identify, but its corresponding driver software only supports windows7 or later versions, does not support the Mac, but does not affect the normal use of the Mac.

Accessories, this headset is very simple, in addition to the main body of the headset and USB receiver, there is a charging cable, as well as warranty card and simple instructions, is very simple.

The overall shape of the headset is more sturdy, and the design is quite satisfactory. At a glance, it is the strength camp.

The main body of the headset is a combination of black matte and mirror high-gloss materials. The overall body style is black and practical. The right side of the headset is a battery box, which can be opened by gently rotating. The battery inside can be cut and replaced. The capacity is 1100mAh. The battery life is guaranteed for 15 hours. The standby time is long enough.

The headphone's earmuffs have a high-gloss mirror design. I personally don't like it very much, because I'm too easy to contaminate my fingerprints, and I accidentally scratch the flowers. I personally feel that it's not as good as other parts. It's better to use a matte design. Although it is a powerful faction, it cannot be such that it does not care about its own value.

The buttons and the charging interface are all concentrated on the left side. The large rotary buttons are volume adjustment buttons that can slide infinitely like a mouse, making it more user-friendly. Above it is the G key, which can be customized in the driver software. The default is the microphone mute button. Press this button, the headset will have a corresponding prompt tone, and there will be a red LED on the front of the microphone as a hint. Next to it is the switch button, which will turn on the green LED light.

The G533's microphone is a one-way heart-pickup mode, measuring 4mm in length and adjustable in length. Details, there is a sponge at the front end of the radio, which can effectively reduce the spraying phenomenon and compare carefully. And in addition to voice prompts in addition to silence, there are red LED lights on the microphone, more obvious.

The G533's earmuffs are large and comfortable to wear. The ears can be completely covered, and the sponges in the earmuffs are very thick and soft. The wearing comfort is very good. However, I personally feel that the sponge is rough and the quality is not outstanding. However, the soundproof effect of the entire earphone is very good. With it, it is almost impossible to hear the outside sound. The earmuffs can be disassembled, and the 40mm headphone unit is inside, but the surrounding work is more general, and it is hoped that the future products should pay attention.

The sponge in the head beam is very thick, which also ensures that the head is more comfortable when worn on the head. The entire exterior is matte and feels better, with a large Logitech logo on the top.

The adjustment structure of the G533 adopts a combination of metal and plastic. The range of adjustment is still very large, and in addition to being able to stretch, it also supports rotation, and is easy to use and store. The adjustable part has L and R marks on the inside and G533 on the outside.

To tell the truth, the design of the G533 really does not have many characteristics. At first glance, it is the strength of the faction, more sturdy, but the wearing comfort is better, and the sound insulation effect is also good, but in some details and workmanship, but also need a higher level.

Software experience

The G533 driver software needs to be downloaded from the official website. If this USB receiver can also take into account the role of the USB drive, the built-in driver software is even more convenient. The driver software only supports versions of widgets7 and above, even if Apple users. Download and install, plug in the USB, will automatically connect with the headset, the connection is fast. The main interface is very simple, the bottom is: Home, G key, battery, equalizer, 7.1 surround sound, settings, help and so on. If you want to customize the G key, click the G button and follow the prompts to set it up. What functions do you want him to become? It is very convenient.

Click on the battery, you can see the remaining power and battery life. For my actual use, I turn on the computer and play music. From 8 am to 12 pm, there is no electricity, almost 16 hours, and 15 hours of official promotion. Almost, life is still very strong. Click the equalizer, you can adjust the sound effects of the headphones, DIY their own listening style.

The highlight of the G533 is its own 7.1 surround sound, comes with three surround sound settings, and there are two DTS super stereo, still quite rich. Of course there is also a set function, some basic settings for the headset.

Sound performance

As a wireless headset, and comes with 7.1 surround sound, although it is the main game, but I still look forward to its music performance. On the whole, the bass performance is particularly good and quite adequate. The midrange is more general, and the performance of the vocals is fine enough, but the details are a little inadequate. Treble is normal, high but not broken. Take the folk ballad that I usually listen to, the overall feeling is not bad, the three-dimensional feeling and the surround sound are relatively good, but the vocal performance is average, so it is more suitable for playing games.

Personally, I personally like live football. Although it is a stand-alone game, as a football enthusiast, it is a good one. With the G533 playing live, the scene is very obvious, the atmosphere of the entire stadium is more intense, more can experience the feeling of the scene, the cry of the scene came from different directions, but also to stimulate our integration into the game. In the past, playing games always pursued the exquisiteness of the picture. In fact, the changes brought about by the progress of sound are very different.

Originally wanted to try the king of mobile games glory, but it only supports PC, so try the light of the torch I particularly like. Because it comes with 7.1 surround sound, so the entire game, the voice of various heroes make you feel there is immersive, and the sound will change with the characters change direction, more practical experience. And because of the surround sound effect, you can identify the location of the enemy and the distance between the enemy and you based on the sound effects. Of course, this is why high-end players are not only very demanding on the performance of the mainframe and the keyboard, but also professional game headsets. . As a professional gaming headset from Logitech, the G533 has a better personal experience for playing games, making it even more exciting to play games. It is indeed worth trying.

to sum up

Although the G533's Yan value is really average, its main selling point, 15 hours of battery life, and 7.1 surround sound are still worth the experience. The improvement of the game experience is also obvious. If there is a need, a friend can really consider it.


1, 15 hours battery life is very good;

2. The immersive experience brought by 7.1 surround sound is very obvious for the improvement of the game experience;

3, soundproofing effect is good;

4, earmuffs are relatively large, wearing a good comfort, will not cause pressure on the ear;

The wireless connection distance of 5, 15m is also enough, and I have not broken off in my use.


1, the back of the earmuffs is too easy to contaminate fingerprints and flowers;

2, the design is relatively satisfactory, not stylish enough.

3, details of the work more general, quality is not enough.

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