January 16, 2021

Mercury M1 Network Set-top Box - (smart box for elderly people)

MERCURY-M1 Mercury M1 Network Set Top Box (Mediocre but Fully Exploding Life Fun)

For the Mercury brand, everyone may not be so strange, his router has always been sold in the market is very good, the king of cost-effective reputation. Create a well-known client network and communications brand Mercury (Mercury Networks)
The M1 set-top box that was shown to you today is a new product developed by the company. Although the set-top box on the market is now full of various kinds, the appearance of the Mercury M1 is also a wonderful performance, even more so. I have the feeling of coming from behind.

MERCURY-M1 Features:

High-definition / quad-core eight display / smart Internet TV / 3D HDD / 4K decoding Internet / WIFI wireless HD Internet TV.

Of course, these are the sellers' own packaging above. How about the Mercury's launch of this M1? Let Xiao Bian take you to interpret it.

First come a simple box

Packing box

From the front of the box, in addition to some manufacturers information, product pictures and some simple M1 main function introduction, there is no advantage compared to other products. Maybe the business is to consider environmental protection, but it still has weight, Should still be quite expected.

2160P ultra-definition decoding, multi-screen interaction, interface diversity, these contents also brings the uniqueness of this product, my mother no longer have to worry about my study!
The source classifications listed here are still quite full, and are inextricably linked with life. The children learning section is a bright spot. By the way, the merchant said that it has a massive amount of APP installed free of charge, and has close cooperation with the domestic first-line well-known third-party support platform: “Sofa Manager”. With 100,000 hours of HD free blockbuster resources, if you look at the average of 8 hours a day, it is 12500 days, which is equal to more than 34 years (unofficial calculations, the landlord calculated himself).

Open the top cover of the box, the first thing to see is a packaging bag of the product, which is slippery, very thick and strong, and can effectively protect the indirect damage caused by the surface of the product during transportation.

Open the mezzanine and call me! It's full of happiness, a lot of things, what counts for me?
Above are DHMI and AV cables, chargers, warranty cards, installation instructions, remote controls, and product boxes.
1.AV line, the seller may take into account some older groups of users, there will be some of the nostalgic complexes, not willing to update the smart TV immediately, so the seller designed the connection through the AV line to achieve technological updates, so that the old TV can also be achieved Can watch network programs.
2. DHMI cable is suitable for the connection of new TV. Let's take a look at some high-definition film sources.
The sellers of these two lines are still very considerate, considering the needs of new and old users, and this has to be praised. The so-called enthusiasm for the people is the world. I personally still agree with the view of future market development.


Product Selection Cool Black: On the high-end atmosphere, the head technology chooses the glossy highlights and presses down on both sides to create a perfect arc, while the body is a matte platform, mainly to prevent scratches and ease Clean, do not know if you have noticed the power indicator, it is hidden. . . . . .

Let's look at the rear of it, all kinds of interfaces are everything, at a glance, I will not introduce one by one. HDMI and AV dual interface configuration, new LCD TVs, old-fashioned TVs, monitors can access. And support wireless Wifi connection and wired network cable connection.

Let's take a look at the underside of it, the one-week heat vent, and the perfect combination of 45° diagonally between the upper and lower plates, allowing the high temperatures generated during the operation of the box to spread around. There are also four rubber gaskets at the bottom to allow room for the bottom and the box to be placed. The seller's design must give another person a great deal of praise!

Product label, company name, model, power specification, MAC barcode product serial number, 3C certification mark and precautions.

Product parameters

(This is a product information of the sofa butler, and it is compared with the configuration of similar products on the market)

From the point of view of parameters, configuration, content, and matching are simple and not simple in new products.

No matter how good the seller said it is useless, then let's run a minute to let the facts speak.

Sure enough, it didn't surpass my expectations, and the scores that came out were very average, only 11017. Then we look at his use, can we meet our daily needs?


After linking the devices first (the installation instructions are very simple and not described here), go to Choose Network>, Wireless or Limited Links, but keep the box and the TV as the same network.

Select the network to enter the wireless network> switch-open.

There is also a premise that you must turn off WLAN hotspots before using a wireless connection. Congratulations on your success.

After successful access to his main interface, rich in content: recommended software, film and television, shopping, education (this is a general box does not have rich content), games, applications. The color of the main interface and the color of the body are the same, all of which are cool and black, and can better highlight different plates and firmly attract your eyes.

The former seller stated that his video resources are strong, so let's check it out.

Indeed, the same movie was prepared according to the speed of different users: smooth, clear, high definition. Different viewing methods, and it is worth emphasizing that the three sources are free.

This is a high-definition film source, which is very clear after entering, and it is very smooth, without buffering (according to different users' speed).

3D cinema, because the demand for quality is only one source of high-definition, but it is also free, the only downside is that the new film is almost no.

This is the sports sector, the front line of the NBA, is the program last night, the quality is OK. Here, then the question has come? Someone may ask, how can it not be broadcast? Yes, it does not, but it is not a problem. We can use third-party platforms to complete our wish.

I downloaded a good sofa butler on the official website, import the U disk into the MERCURY-M1 USB interface will be shown (above) here, double-click to install it.

A lot of netizens in the forum recommend using pudding video and try it out. You can find the software on the sofa butler's recommended interface, then download and install it. There are many APPs supported by third-party platforms. Users can download the experience according to their own needs.

Installed, you can come to see live, SO EASY!

Take a look at what functions the sofa housekeeper still has, go to the toolbox, and find out if there is a live source manager, check it out...

The left side of the picture shows the live broadcast software. Select the live broadcast software to have the corresponding add live source, select one to add, and wow a lot of live sources! Phoenix Satellite TV, Hong Kong TV. . . . . .

Phoenix live video

Hong Kong TV.

Watching the broadcast suddenly has some delays. It may be that too much software is installed. Find out if there is any optimization software. Just in the toolbox column there is a rocket acceleration feature.

Choose custom to turn off unwanted software, free up memory and make your TV run smoother.

Accelerate after the sudden prompt: sofa butler update version, click Update Now. . . .

to sum up

Through the installation and use of the next point of view, although the packaging is flat, but the body heat is unique and efficient, parameter configuration / support powerful, although the running points are not high, but for daily TV use enough to meet, especially for some TV obsolete, do not want to For users who are replacing the new TVs immediately, the use of AV interface conversion is a major highlight, allowing TV upgrades and watching network programming.

The internal application is comprehensive, and the source of the product is almost consistent with the promotion of the seller. Through the installation of third-party platform software, the operation is smooth, the picture quality is clear, and the experience of dynamic games is also very smooth. After 30 minutes of exercise, the case does not feel hot. It shows that the cooling is still good, and the game is also very smooth, but at the same time can enhance exercise at home, away from hazy days, is home leisure must-haves.


Note: This article is all about Xiaobian personal views. If there are any discrepancies or mistakes, welcome to correct the guidance.

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