June 21, 2021

Millet Bluetooth audio connected to the PC, suggesting that the reason for the lack of drive? How to deal with it?

Double 11 on the same day to start the 199 yuan that Bluetooth audio sound quality on mobile phones is still good.

A few photos are readily available for everyone to see.

The front looks more concise, and I don't know if people with intensive phobia will not see it.

The side is more concise, the switch, the volume plus or minus Bluetooth button can be reported.

Originally bought this is mainly used to connect the notebook, but later when the connection appeared N more problems.

My computer Apple AIR notebook, system win7 64-bit, can use Apple Bluetooth mouse normally.

Because of the helpless call of Xiaomi's customer service phone, he hopes to get a solution, but customer service can't help. The normal connection to the mobile phone proves that the audio is OK.

Later I went to find Du Damian to find the answer. I didn't find it for a long time.

The reason for the problem: Device Manager appears a peripheral device driver can not get up, driving wizard, driving life have tried, no. (As shown below)

Then I asked a friend who had finished Bluetooth audio regularly and sent me a driver to install it.

The driver is now coming up, hoping to help those friends who cannot connect to the computer to solve this problem. It does not guarantee 100% success, but I am connected.

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