November 29, 2021

Move game engine into virtual space: VR revolutionizes development environment again

A lot of related videos have been uploaded on YouTube and its own official website, "said Ridge." Even if you don't talk about VR, watching these videos will also help in learning game development. "Try a lot," West said. "Think about the composition of movement, sound effects, and ergonomics in the VR world. Think about the laws and reasons for things running in the physical world." VR development is not just a simple copy of physical rules. "">
Move the game engine into the virtual space: VR then lift the development environment from Baidu VR

At the beginning of the Year of the Rooster, the opening of Virtual Reality (VR) has never been reduced. It is still a hot spot for many game makers. However, 2D media is still the main development tool for constructing an immersive 3D world. Some people can not help but ask: When will we be able to develop VR in a VR environment?

The answer is - it will be now. Game engine industry dual king Unity and Epic have introduced VR development tools that can be used with existing game engines - the former released the Unity VR editor, and the latter introduced the Unreal Engine VR editor.

What is the need for VR development?

Unity Labs chief designer Timoni West believes that VR development will become a general trend. VR development will have unparalleled intuitiveness and accuracy over traditional platforms. She said that the invisibility of 2D tools "leads" to the popularity of visual design tools such as Blender and Maya, and VR is the root of the problem: Developers can directly manipulate 3D objects in a stereoscopic environment and modify.

“Like, I want to make a Christmas scene in VR,” West said. “The process of using the Unity engine is to set up the scene in a 2D environment, use grid lines to align objects, and move the screen back and forth. To ensure the accuracy of the operations...had to sell, for many years, the proficiency of the designers in the two-dimensional environment has been fully realized: they have long been aware of the rendering of these objects in the 3D environment.However, with the birth of VR These complex operations have become unnecessary: ​​Put on your head and you can decorate your scene as you would in real life. This is a revolution in traditional design languages."

Lauren Ridge is a documentation engineer at Epic Games and a member of the company's Unreal Engine VR editor development team. Like West, she is a loyal supporter of VR development.

"When developing VR games in (2D environment), everything depends on the feeling: before you finally see the finished product, it is very difficult for you to make an accurate judgment about the placement of (the objects in the game)," said Ridge. "To that end, VR development tools have emerged: developers don't have to waste time back and forth between 2D editors and VR real-world feedback."

Another potential of the VR editor is that it can make the development process more interesting. Although Ridge said that her team is not in the process of "gamification" game development, she believes that people will certainly enjoy the process of creating a game world with their own hands.

What is the VR development interface?

At the keynote address at the 2016 Unite conference in Los Angeles, West showed developers around the world how the Unity VR editor works: Developers with Vive heads, handheld controls, easy access to scenes, place objects, and edit .

"Our current job is to port the existing features of the Unity engine to VR as much as possible, so you don't have to take off your head - you can do everything in VR," West said.

VR development tools are still in their infancy, but open source versions of the VR editors Unreal Engine and Unity are available on GitHub.

“People are always on the verge of fresh ideas in VR, and our focus is on helping people achieve these great ideas,” West said. “So we think that VR editors should not be kept closed. We really hope that people can have With the emergence of better solutions, we hope to have the team focus on and engage with areas that we are not familiar with or even completely unfamiliar with, so that we can learn together and promote development."

VR development tools

Developing games in VR also has its disadvantages: First, you need a computer with superior performance (West recommends the GTX 1080 graphics card). However, Ridge also pointed out that teams capable of VR development do not lack this equipment.

Second, the physical manipulations in virtual space have their advantages and their difficulties: In terms of accuracy, they may not be as efficient as mice and mice.

"So, for quite some time I figured that VR development would be an upset market," West said. "We need to track the keyboard, the exact match of the 3D model, the VR resolution beyond the existing flagship... In addition, the current VR Reading the text inside is also a big problem."

For those interested in VR development, West and Ridge each provide their own suggestions:

"My advice is to watch VR design tutorials. We uploaded a lot of related videos on YouTube and our own official website," said Ridge. "Even if you don't talk about VR, watching these videos will help a lot in learning game development."

"Try more," West said. "Think about the composition of sports, sound effects, ergonomics, and so on in the VR world. Think about the laws and the reasons for things running in the physical world. VR development is not just a simple copy of physical rules." ."

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