January 20, 2022

Music Toss Notes 20: French (Four Sounds) National Players: Focal Elear Premium Headphones

Last year (16 years) famous loudspeaker factory Focal released three headphones: boss Utopia Upton, second child Elear (commonly known as Xiaowu) and the presence of the third old Listen

Utopia was known as "the king of the current production circle" on the first appearance, of course, the price of 28000 is also very touching. The 8000 block elear directly with HD800, K812, T1 and so on the traditional flagship facing right, naturally also received great attention. After one of the friends had done their homework, they blinded one and sold both of them. Of course, he listened to Elear and sent it over for a while to make us full.

Out of the box

The box is still quite large, about the same size as the K812 box but half the size. Dharma's box is not enough to look at it.

The Focal logo is printed on the front and the earphone name Elear on the front.

Lying on! Buy packing box to send headphones!

Elear's box is the same as Utopia's. It's just too luxurious.

The heavy box has a soft, thick and well-cut sponge, and the upper lid is protected by an egg-shaped sponge.

In contrast HD800, K812 box is too shabby, T1 generation has an aluminum box can barely win a battle, but the degree of luxury packaging and McKinsey MPH1000 than the residue.

The first thing that I felt when I came up with it was that it was a really good-looking leather head. It felt so comfortable that people couldn't help opening their brains.

The overall workmanship is also very good, and each net cover is very smooth. The two curved plates are made of aluminum

After taking it out, you can notice that this thick, long line is still sinking.

First of all, this line is a 4-meter long line. Second, the line is two lines together, and each one is very thick, adding up to more than the HD800 line. The result is very heavy.

The Elear body is already sufficiently heavy (almost as heavy as the Dharma, at least 400g+), and this line has the weight of Elear body 1/2. Cervical spine at protest

The overall shape of Elear is very smooth, the head beam-bracket-unit is a complete arc down, the color value is very high, the real machine is much more beautiful than the photo.

Workmanship is good, still very heavy, natural gives a reliable feeling (at the same time squint about K812, that is you; there are HD800, all in one touch is plastic)

I thought Dharma was beautiful before, but Elear felt it was more sculptural

There is also a small detail that makes me feel that the French people's pursuit of beauty is really deep bone marrow:

Elear's support shaft is spring-loaded and naturally returns to its original position when it is not subjected to external forces. Of course, it is the smoothest position of the line, so that it is perfect appearance no matter when it is seen.

Elear earmuffs are well removed and are soft flannel earmuffs. The headset unit is an aluminum diaphragm, and Big Brother Utopia is embarrassing.


Before chatting with the owner, it was predicted that Elear would not be my preferred type (great dynamic, high-resolution, high-permeability), but it still feels good to get a hand.

The front end is Pearl 2 interface + NV1020 or mojo decoding + AUNE S7 amp.

The main feeling is a "comfortable", although the transparency of the dynamic analysis of the sound field is not prominent, but the music is very good, the sound is very smooth, the sound is more relaxed and warm, listening to human voice is very appealing. The sound is very resistant, I can listen for a long time without feeling tired, it is estimated that the biggest obstacle to listening for a long time is the cervical spine......

Elear has a relatively high front-end tolerance, NV1020 is biased towards classical decoding, popular performance is not good, but Elear still has a good flavor

I saw a funny post in the fight altar:

After listening to it for a few days, I realized that the truth of this message is justified

This product is a fully upgraded version of HD600, the quality of which has been improved to a level close to that of HD800, but it has a similar taste to HD600.

After Sennhe launched the HD800, many fans lamented that the HD600 did not have a successor, and the result did not expect to be found here in France (four sounds). Considering the large number of HD600 fans, I like Elear's market.

(Also said 650, considering that 600 and 650 versions are many I think both are acceptable)

In addition, Elear is also very good push, mojo direct push effect is very good, personally feel that Elear direct push 8 Chengdu is OK, the line cut short into 3.5 small plugs as direct push headphones is also very good.

To say that the shortcomings, Elear quality is still worse than HD800, K812 half a file, I think Dharma is also higher than its quality. The quality is a little worse, but it is still a little bit right when it comes to the three flagships.

In addition, although Elear is more omnivorous, listening to the classical compilation is still not good at, find a decoder suitable for classical, three flagship which listen to the classical compilation is stronger than Elear, balance + change the earmuffs of Bodhidharma than Elear for classical .

And as a newly-listed headset, compared to the HD800, K812, which has stabilized at the 6000 price, Elear's 8000 price is still slightly higher.

Overall, Elear is worth playing. I still look forward to lowering the price, and down to 6,000 will be very competitive.

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