January 16, 2021

Not only the price question, why is the LED light difficult to enter the ordinary people's home?

It is understood that the energy-saving lamps that have been vigorously promoted have become obsolete products, and the current LED lights are the mainstream choice. Then, in the eyes of ordinary people, incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, LED lights which is the most cost-effective? The public Lao Li said that his home is still using incandescent lamps, because the price is cheap, but more and more difficult to buy. Ms. He, who has recently been renovated, said: "I think the effect and brightness are definitely better for LED lights. But as far as power saving is concerned, I think it is not much different from energy-saving lamps. It is obviously more expensive to buy LED lamps. It is not bad to consider energy-saving lamps comprehensively."

LED lights wins in brightness and power <br> <br> urban Pengcheng decoration company electrician master Lao Li said: "The people in the choice of lamp often also take into account issues brightness, brightness, energy-saving LED lamp is generally higher than The lamp is twice as much, the incandescent lamp is ranked second, and the energy-saving lamp is the bottom. By calculation, the incandescent lamp consumes 0.03652 kWh per hour; the energy-saving lamp consumes 0.00814 kWh per hour; the LED lamp consumes 0.00704 kWh per hour. The family usually turns on the lights for 5~6 hours every day. If you turn on the lights for 6 hours per day and 0.6 yuan per kWh, a 40W incandescent lamp will cost 47.98 yuan a year, while the 10W energy-saving lamp will cost one year. The electricity fee is 10.69 yuan, and the 5W LED lamp costs 9.25 yuan a year. Obviously, the use of incandescent lamps is the least economical. LED lamps are more expensive than energy-saving lamps, but electricity is cheaper.

LED Light brand more than the price of chaos <br> <br> I met members of the public to buy LED lamps Wang lighting market in a city, he told the author, had previously been home with energy-saving lamps, but the feeling of energy-saving lamp life is short, It often breaks in less than a year, so I want to change to LED lights. But Mr. Wang is a bit confused about which LED lamp to buy: "There are too many brands to know which one is good, and the price is chaotic." The reporter visited the market and found that the current LED lamp brands are varied, and the seller just said that this is from Guangdong. The goods imported by the manufacturers in other places are selling well in the local area, and the quality is no problem. What makes consumers more confused is that the price of LED lights on the market varies widely. For example, they are also 3 watt LED lights. Some merchants offer 10 yuan, while others sell 50 yuan or even higher.

There are a lot of inferior lamps on the market. "There are a lot of knowledge about LED lights, but some merchants don't know much about them at present. They sell some inferior products to consumers." Jinhua Mingchuang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. told reporters that because the country has never The relevant authoritative standards have been issued, and the quality of LED household lamps on the market is also uneven. There are two types of LEDs for LED lamps, one for lighting and the other for indicators. LED lamps that use the latter are sold cheaply, but their luminosity is very easy to attenuate and will soon dim. There is no doubt that LED lights will become the mainstream of the lighting market in the future. Now many manufacturers have seen its huge profit margin and have produced LED lights. But the problem is that because there is no national authoritative standard, most of these lights are produced by enterprises. The quality is not necessarily as good as propaganda. Consumers can easily fall into the trap of the business because they don't understand the subtleties.

Although energy-saving lamps and LED lamps are generally similar in cost performance, it is best to use LED lighting for student desk lamps. The incandescent lamp emits light through the thermal effect of the tungsten wire. The working principle of the energy-saving lamp is the same as that of the fluorescent lamp. The electrons emitted by the heating filament collide with the argon atoms and the mercury atoms to emit ultraviolet rays, and then the ultraviolet rays excite the phosphor to emit light. Therefore, the light generated by the energy-saving lamp has a stroboscopic light, and the high-frequency flashing energy-saving lamp also generates electromagnetic radiation, which may cause damage to the child's eyes for a long time. The LED lamp is a light-emitting device that uses a semiconductor electronic effect, and is a low-voltage DC constant current source. Therefore, experts recommend that the student lamp be illuminated by LED light.

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