January 20, 2022

Notebook for ultra brain? Support for Intel Compute Card Expansion Dock Plugged in OK

[Summary] The notebook docking station will also be compatible with Intel's Compute Card, which will provide a complete PC experience.

Tencent Digital (Nice) Although the PC market is declining, from a certain point of view, the traditional PC products are also evolving to different forms, such as various 2-in-1 ultrabooks and variants represented by Surface. A company called NexDock has launched a notebook-style docking station that can convert mobile phones into PCs on Indiegogo. It can be used not only with mini HDMI ports for iPhones and Android devices, but also for Windows 10 Mobile devices that support Continuum functionality. It is closer to the PC.

Not only that, NexDock recently stated that its notebook docking station will also directly support Intel's Compute Card, which will become a 14-inch notebook when the alignment slot is plugged in. It is worth mentioning that the Intel Compute Card is similar in function to the Computer Stick computing stick, but the size is more fixed, only 95 × 55 × 5mm, no more than a bank card. Compute Card has built-in CPU (from Atom to Core series), GPU, memory chip, SSD flash memory chip and wireless connection module. It can be said that the sparrow is small and fully-equipped, and it can output at least 1080p resolution with the NexDock docking station. The quality screen also supports keyboard and touchpad input for a complete PC experience.

However, it is slightly regrettable that, according to plans, HP, Dell, Lenovo and other PC manufacturers Compute Card products are expected to wait until the middle of this year will be listed, so crowdfunding NexDock users are expected to wait for some time, and interested friends may wish to pay attention Let's go!

Source: Digital Trends

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