September 28, 2020

OLED core technology patent war has been fully launched

Recently, Korean media reported that Samsung and LG Display's OLED technology has been leaked to Chinese panel companies. Although Samsung and LG Display have repeatedly stressed that such news has never been released, the South Korean side’s exhaustion of leaking and leaking Korean companies has shown that in the new industrial stage, the OLED core technology patent war has started.
Korean procuratorate cracks down on leakers
The Korean media reported that the Seoul Central District Court had not detained three employees for detention on the grounds that the three employees had stolen Samsung and LG Display (hereinafter referred to as "LGD") next-generation display panels "AM-OLED" and "WHITE-OLED". "The core technology." Some of these technologies are alleged to flow into China's largest panel production company. The South Korean prosecutor said that the suspects had stolen the core technology of the "AM-OLED" panel physical circuit diagram for the 55-inch TV set of Samsung Mobile Display and LG Display from November last year to January this year. The suspects provided the stolen information to Israeli headquarters staff and competitors of Korean companies such as the Chinese mainland and Taiwan.
For such a statement, South Korea's Samsung said that Samsung's information about OLED projects is currently a trade secret, and it is inconvenient to respond. In addition, Samsung also stressed in the response that during the development of OLED technology, the Korean government did not give special support to national policies. The reply from LGD Korea Headquarters to the reporter was also that LGD did not announce the news, and other information was not commented.
OLED technology battle is fully launched
Although Samsung and LGD have repeatedly clarified the relationship with this news, it is undeniable that Samsung and LGD fear that technology will be leaked to panel companies outside China. The two companies understand that the technological advantages in the field of OLED display will determine the future industry. The pattern, as early as a few years ago, Samsung LGD was the first to lay out the OLED industry.
For this leaked news, domestic companies are not willing to respond, the boss of a mainstream panel company told reporters that they will not make any boring response, because this news does not indicate which of the largest enterprises in the country, so no It is necessary to check in. In addition, domestic companies began to do AM-OLED display technology ten years ago, and there is no need to spend their time trying to steal Korean technology. Ling Li, head of TCL Group Beijing, also said that Huaxing Optoelectronics is not willing to make too many statements about this sensitive news.
In this regard, home appliance analyst Liang Zhenpeng pointed out that compared with Japanese and Korean companies, domestic panel makers are still new generation players. From the beginning of panel industry development, many plasma and liquid panel technologies in China have been emulating or replicating technologies in Korea and other places. In the field of OLED, it is currently the most advanced in Korea. Many employees who have left LGD, dealing with domestic companies, or being hired by domestic companies, are likely to make OLED technology transfer, which is also reasonable. But the sensitive attitude of the South Korean side has already indicated the importance of the OLED industry.
Korean enterprise sword is intended to create momentum
For such news, the relevant person in charge of the data agency panel industry pointed out that it is not excluded that Samsung and LGD are behind this issue. Because such explosive news comes out, no matter whether it is leaked or not, Samsung and LGD will be regarded as having The most cutting-edge technology panel companies, such advantages can be transformed into a winning position in the future industrial stage, at least to lock down potential customers downstream.
This leaked incident was directed at Chinese companies, but Japanese companies were not covered. In the global large-size liquid crystal display field, the three poles of Japan, South Korea and Taiwan have always been stable. However, as China and South Korea develop high-generation lines in China, this pattern is undergoing tremendous changes. As early as the beginning of this year, Korean companies were in the OLED field, but at the beginning of this month, Japanese companies Matsushita and Sony, which are still in the midst of a period of transformation, made the decision to join forces in the OLED industry. The lagging reaction of Japanese capital has seriously weakened its competitiveness, and Korean companies no longer regard this as the most powerful competitor.
Although there is no clear answer yet, LGD also said that it hopes that things will come to light as soon as possible. However, the pattern of Korean companies temporarily leading is not stable. A veteran of the industry who is not willing to be named told reporters that the core technology of Samsung and LGD in 4.5 and 5.5 generation lines does not mean anything. The core technology in the field of small-size LCD panels cannot How far is the distance. 60%-70% of ordinary LCD panels and OLED panels have the same production process. Domestic enterprises have accumulated technology through the common LCD panel industry, and the technological development process in the field of 8.5-generation lines and larger-sized OLED panels will accelerate. So whoever leads in the future is hard to say. However, for domestic panel companies such as BOE and Huaxing Optoelectronics, opportunities and tests coexist, accumulating core technologies and improving yields are still the key.

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