November 29, 2021

Original Innovator Amazon Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 3 E-book Reader Unpacking

Intersection with electric paper books

The earliest contact with the Kindle was a friend who took a starter version to let me sell it for a few days. It was inconvenient to use it without a backlight. Also buy, the quantity will not say, anyway, the rest of the life is estimated to read endlessly.

Then another friend took a hand and read the R6800, it should be a generation, there is a backlight, the screen is also large enough, once wanted to keep their own use, but how to use the system during the process of various breakdowns, coupled with those books can not be bought, Just give up and then there is the idea of ​​buying a kpw.

The landlord himself makes a living by selling mobile phones. He is forced by his life. Most of the electronic products are bought second-hand and turned over salted fish. Everyone considers this thing to be a baby, and the second-hand price is not friendly at all. This cannot be achieved at all. Comparing our market, the difference between new and old mobile phones is still very large.

Then began to brush aunt every day to see the concessions, missed the National Bank of Double 11 Cats International 699, and finally waited for the discount event in Japan, kpw3 member 6,980 yen. Just to have business with Japanese friends, decisively to make friends orders, but this friend is not attentive, after the receipt of the goods tossed in the corner, sent several times in the middle have forgotten, until I reminded to think of it.

Express has been using EMS, generally received a week or so, but this piece took 14 days. During the period from the Beijing Exchange Bureau to the Zhengzhou Exchange Bureau actually spent 6 days, do not know what happened, anyway, no tax, no matter He is. Waiting to see the mother's push during the receipt of the six-dollar shell, easily bought one, points deducted, 0 yuan package.

Look at the picture time (actually nothing to look at)

Because it is a secondary package, there is no express box outside. The box is just like this. There is a layer of plastic film on the outside and there is Japanese on it.

Remove the cover, inside the box and seal, tear it up relatively cool

Host and manual, a data cable in the box, not the sun.

Big tree boot

Select Chinese directly after booting, then this page.

Six dollar shell Oh, ld adults said it looks pretty

experience feelings

The backlight is not uniform, the lower part is white, and the upper part is yellow, which is what they say is the yin and yang screen. This problem is often encountered on mobile phones. It is related to design. Fortunately, it does not care. Just turning on the backlight, you can see that there are many black dots on the screen, just like the kind of particles on the grass earlier. When the backlight is off, you can't see it. When you use your palm to read it, you don't find it. Ask if it's a column or The material of the screen itself is like this, too lazy to ask the girl, which expert to explain

There is only one power button for operation, but it is inconvenient to use, especially for backlight adjustment. It takes two times to come out. This may be affected by the palm reading. There is a backlight switch in the palm reading, and the adjustment is very quick.

Registration questions for new classmates intending to start

I did not check the gift, there is a purchaser's account, direct cancellation on the line. Then I encountered trouble when logging in to my account. I was sure that my account password was correct and I was always prompted "No matching account," Balabaala. I hadn't studied the results for a long time. Finally I found a bunch of Amazon emails in the mailbox. A series of 6-digit code, the other is in English, in fact, can understand, find the last one, enter that code into the password column, the moment the world will be on.

Reading books will not say, the backlight adjustment to the appropriate brightness, night is not dazzling, the key is to hypnosis, hypnosis, sleep. . . . .

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