August 11, 2020

Philips executives are optimistic: LED lighting market prospects are bright in 2013

Philips Lumileds Asia Marketing Director Zhou Xuejun said that the strength of the LED lighting industry next year will be strengthened mainly due to the decline in LED bulb prices, the support of government policies in various countries and the continued vigorous green energy concept. Among them, the price of the people will be Factors that directly affect the growth of the LED lighting market, including indoor replacement bulbs, outdoor street lights, and office tube output, are expected to increase significantly.

Zhou Xuejun, marketing director of Philips Lumileds Asia, pointed out that with the gradual decline in the price of LED bulbs, coupled with the government policies of various countries, the LED lighting market size is expected to accelerate growth next year.

Zhou Xuejun further pointed out that in addition to the retail price of LED bulbs that replace 40W incandescent lamps has reached a sweet price, next year the price of LED bulbs that replace 60W incandescent lamps will also have a chance to drop to acceptable prices for consumers. Appropriate to play the role of indoor main lighting, so its shipments and market penetration make the industry look forward to.

However, although the price reduction of LED bulbs is conducive to the accelerated expansion of the market, it has also reduced the profit of relevant supply chain operators. Therefore, how to compete for more orders to expand revenue growth has become the focus of the industry's urgent breakthrough. Zhou Xuejun believes that taking LED lamps as an example, it is bound to launch matching products in different application markets in order to meet customer expectations and needs. With this strategy of small profits but quick sales, the overall market size will be expanded first, and then further high-margin products March forward.

In order to grasp the business opportunities in different application markets, the characteristics of LED lighting products must also change accordingly. Zhou Xuejun explained that the general indoor alternative LED bulbs mainly focus on affordable prices. Outdoor street lamp LED bulbs require high reliability and high lumens per watt (lm / w), while office LED lamps pay more attention to energy saving, high color performance and Anti-glare. In order to meet the product feature requirements of the above-mentioned application markets, including LED chip, module and system integration, all companies must further divide the product positioning in order to seize market opportunities.

On the other hand, the progress of the LED street light bidding in mainland China in the first half of 2012 was not as expected, mainly due to the undecided subsidy policy and the impact of the European debt crisis on demand, which has caused Taiwan LED lighting manufacturers mainly for export to be hit hard. With the approval of the Chinese government's subsidy bid and the succession of political succession, the LED lighting market business opportunities in 2013 are expected to reach RMB 4 billion.


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