September 28, 2020

Schmidt: Developers Give Priority to Android in 6 Months

Schmidt: Developers Give Priority to Android in 6 Months December 9 news, according to technology website AppleInsider reported that Google Chairman Schmidt said at the LeWeb conference held in Paris, France on Wednesday that in the next six months with the transfer of market focus, developers will give priority to the Android platform, and Not Apple's iOS.

Schmidt believes that Android mobile phone shipments account for the largest share of global smartphone sales, which will encourage developers to choose the Android platform. Schmidt said, "The developers will be attracted by the mobile phone shipments. There are many manufacturers around the world that are producing Android phones. Whether or not you like Android, developers will first consider developing apps for Android."

When someone complains that mobile apps always appear first in the Apple App Store, Schmidt predicts that this situation will reverse in the next six months. He said that with Android 4.0 and huge shipments, Android will eventually win and eventually win the developer.