August 11, 2020

Talking about the application of those intelligent elements in smart home

After years of accumulation of demand, smart homes are currently defined as the use of computers, networks and integrated wiring technologies to organically combine various subsystems related to home life into a system through a family information management platform. With the development of social and economic structure, family structure and information technology, as well as the improvement of human safety, comfort and efficiency in the home environment, the demand for home intelligence has increased greatly, and more and more families It is required that smart home products not only meet some basic needs, but also require smart home systems to be simple, convenient and safe in terms of function expansion, extension and even service.

At present, there are many brands in the smart home market, and there are many products, which are subdivided. The high-end price is mainly for foreign brands, such as control4 and Honeywell. Its main market is high-end markets such as villas and luxury houses. Domestic brands, led by IoT Sensing, will focus on the low-end market, especially targeting apartments. However, due to fierce competition, foreign brands that focus on the high-end market are gradually stalking the mid-end market, and domestic brands are not spared high-end residential. At present, the competition of all parties is staggering, and they are robbing the market in order to take the initiative. Let's take a look at some of the smart apps in the smart home.

Wireless Gateway : It is an information collection and control terminal for all wireless sensors and wireless linkage devices. All the sensors and detectors transmit the collected information to the authorized mobile phone, tablet computer, computer and other management devices through the wireless gateway, and the control commands are sent by the management device to the linkage device through the wireless gateway.

For example, when no one is in the house, the door is opened, and the door detects that someone has broken in, and then the alarm is sent to the owner's mobile phone through the wireless gateway. The mobile phone receives the message and sends a vibration ringing tone. After the owner confirms, the control command is issued, and the electromagnetic door lock is issued. Automatically locks and triggers the wireless sound and light alarm to sound an alarm.

Wireless intelligent dimmer switch : This switch can directly replace the wall switch panel in the home. It can not only be used like a normal switch, but more importantly, it has automatically formed a wireless sensor control network with all IoT devices in the home. Instructions such as switching, dimming, etc. can be issued to the wireless gateway. The significance is that after the owner leaves home, there is no need to worry about whether all the lights in the house have been forgotten. As long as the owner leaves home, all the lights that are forgotten will be automatically turned off. Or when you sleep, you don't have to go through the room to check if the lights are on. All you have to do is press the sleep button on the bed, all the lights will turn off automatically, and when you wake up at night, the lights will be automatically adjusted to soft. To ensure the quality of sleep.

Wireless temperature and humidity sensor : mainly used to detect indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity. Although most air conditioners have a temperature detection function, due to the volume limitation of the air conditioner, it can only detect the temperature near the air outlet of the air outlet, which is an important reason why many consumers feel that the temperature is not accurate. With the wireless temperature and humidity detector, you can know exactly the indoor temperature and humidity. The practical significance is that the air conditioner can be adjusted in advance when the indoor temperature is too high or too low. For example, when you are on the way home, the wireless temperature and humidity sensor in your home detects that the room temperature is too high, it will start the air conditioner to automatically cool down. When you go home, the home is already a pleasant temperature. In addition, the wireless temperature and humidity sensor is especially useful for you to go out in the morning. When you stay in an air-conditioned room, you don't feel the temperature outside. At this time, the temperature and humidity sensor installed outside the wall can work. It can tell The real-time temperature of your outdoor outdoors, according to this exact temperature, you can decide to wear your own, and you won't wear more or wear less when you go out.

Auto Fork Lift Light Bulb

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Auto Fork Lift Light Bulb

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