February 26, 2020

Temporary Act on Acceptance Management of Wind Farm Projects

Temporary Act on Acceptance Management of Wind Farm Projects In order to strengthen the management of the completion and acceptance of wind farm projects, improve the construction quality of wind farms, and ensure the safe operation of wind farm projects, the National Energy Administration has promulgated the “Interim Measures for Acceptance Management of Wind Farm Projects”.

According to the “Measures”, the final acceptance of the wind farm shall be completed within one year after the completion of the main project and all special acceptance and trial operation acceptance of all units. The main conditions for acceptance through completion are:

(1) The project construction indicators are in accordance with the approval (approval, filing) documents and the approved feasibility study report;

(2) The construction process of the project conforms to the basic construction procedures of the country and the industry;

(3) The work of environmental protection, energy conservation, fire control, safety, information system construction, grid-connected and other regulations has been completed in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations and technical standards;

(D) The project's electrical equipment has been completed in accordance with the design plan and related technical standards. The supporting grid transmission project has been completed, with a test report that satisfies the requirements of the Wind Farm Access Power System Technical Regulations and signed with the grid company. Network dispatch agreement and purchase and sale of electricity contracts;

(5) The project approval documents, design documents, construction and installation documents, as-built drawings and documents, supervision documents, quality supervision documents and technical documents shall be filed according to the regulations and shall be accepted through the archives. (6) Completion of other items requiring acceptance.

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