January 16, 2021

The 2015 Golden Globe Awards registration is so hot, you don't want to try it?

[Text / high-tech LED Xiong Yuheng] Ou Pu lighting low-cost lamps appear, it seems to convey such a signal: Now in the LED industry, once the big brand of the wind, has been the same as the unknown small workshop, raise the low price Daqi wants to quickly seize the market. For those companies that make products with their heart and insist on branding, it is extremely urgent to improve their brand awareness and product cost performance.

Fortunately, we have such a platform! As the leader of the LED supply chain resources and capital integration in the industry, Gaogong LED has enhanced the brand influence for the industry colleagues, and has been making unremitting efforts to optimize the supply chain. The Golden Globe Award, which is hailed as the “Oscar” awards ceremony for the LED industry, is the most important way to select good products, optimize the supply chain and enhance brand influence.

Since 2010, the Gaogong LED Golden Globe Award has been with the industry for five years, and it attracts hundreds of well-known companies from the industry, including the upper, middle and lower reaches. As the finale of the High School Annual Meeting, the Golden Globe Awards Night is even more star-studded. Every time the awards are presented, the participants will be very impressed, and enjoy the feast of the industry and enjoy themselves.

In line with the current situation, the Golden Globe Awards and the selection rules are changing every year. From 2010 to 2011, our focus is also on LED lighting design; in 2012-2013, our focus has gradually been placed on the entire industry chain, focusing on brand building and channel development; in 2014, targeting the market's cost-effective requirements, supply Chain optimization becomes the theme.

This year is regarded as the year of the madness of the LED lighting industry. The market demand for LED products is rapidly increasing. It must have both lining (good quality) and face (brand power). How to stand at a higher level and platform, and to deepen the thinking of products, brands and industries with a broader vision has become an inevitable condition for enterprises to continue to operate.

Therefore, under the premise of optimizing the supply chain, this year's Golden Globe Award will focus on terminal lighting products, engineering and brand development. The industry leaders and judges took the lead in selecting the outstanding products, engineering and brand value rankings. The organizing committee Jiang Wei participated in the company to provide product promotion, brand promotion and other comprehensive support to help enterprises achieve faster and better development.

In terms of awards, the annual LED lighting products and engineering awards, the annual LED lighting brand value of 25, the annual technology innovation award, the annual brand micro marketing poster, the best employer of the year, the best listed company of the year, the most Heavy value awards such as investment value company, annual business leader award, industry lifetime achievement award, etc. You can you up!

"The world is so big, you want to see it." Nowadays, “Golden Globe Awards are so hot, you don’t want to go and see”. The competition is to discuss and communicate with more than 300 business leaders to optimize the supply chain resources and build large customer resources. At the same time, the short-listed products can be presented at the annual meeting. The award-winning products will be provided by the high-tech LED brand planning team to provide personalized marketing services.

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With the Golden Globe Awards selection process:

The first stage (July 15 - August 31, 2015)

Enterprise self-recommended registration / cooperative association recommendation / jury recommendation → generate candidate list

The second stage (September 1st - September 30th, 2015)

Online and WeChat online real-name voting → generate shortlist

The third stage (October 31-October, 2015)

Short-listed enterprises PPT, video production, the jury team visited the company for field research

The fourth stage (November 1-30, 2015)

The jury will focus on voting for the finalists and write reviews for the winners.

Fifth stage (December 2015)

The organizing committee announced the list of winners and held an award ceremony

Among them, the annual product and technology innovation award is the on-site PK, and the judges scored the final winner list.

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