June 21, 2021

The First Internet Curved TV KKTV Cookie Q55S Depth Secret

KKTV released the Internet TV brand QTVS, the first curved TV on the Internet, and announced that the starting price was 4,999 yuan, which was only two-thirds of the price of traditional curved TVs. It is a revolutionary price that subverts the industry. But what about QTVS, a cookie TV? Here we will reveal its mystery for everyone.

As a benchmark new product of KKTV's "New Sensory Re-Revolution", KKTV Q55S has adopted a 4000R golden curvature suitable for viewing by the human eye, making it possible to obtain the best viewing experience between 2.3 meters and 4 meters from the TV. Let each family member enjoy high-definition images with no image quality deviation. Cookie TV Q55S allows you to enjoy the same audio-visual enjoyment of IMAX. From any angle, you can appreciate the strong sense of surround and immersion of curved TV.

Glossary: ​​The new sensory refers to the visual sense, clearer picture quality, more comfortable sound and senses, more comfortable tactile senses, more comfortable senses and services, and revolutionary revolution in the television industry. The revolution that changed the market landscape, a revolution that subverted the audiovisual experience, and a revolution that affected the mobile Internet.

In terms of product configuration, the Q55S of the cookie TV uses the original imported Samsung screen and high color gamut LED backlight to make the picture quality even more exquisite. Equipped with a professional TV control system Yipian 5.0 and 64-bit 8-core smart chip, 1GB (RAM) high-speed DDR3 + 4GB (eMMC) machine storage, so that the Q55S Cookie TV has an unparalleled control of pleasure and arbitrary experience.

In terms of appearance, KKTV Cookie Q55S uses a full-gold frame of exquisite craftsmanship to maintain a golden luster and a comfortable touch, while being able to stand the test of time and always remain unchanged. Not shells; not outdated. In order to echo with the golden frame, it also uses a full gold solid front and rear double U base, this Spider Man base has a grip on the prison, not inclined to the characteristics.

In terms of video content, Q55S is equipped with Youku video and deeply customized UI-level cooperation. It is directly embedded into the TV system, and basically guarantees that the chip line will be updated with about 30 simultaneous updates. The operation will be more stable and the operation will be more simple; 400+ units and more than 16,000 units will be installed each year. , 640,000 hours of hot broadcast TV content, 24 hours a day, enough to watch 555 days and nights. 90% free, hit the US drama, SBS, TVN Korean drama, TVB all authorized drama.

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