September 28, 2020

The "Han-Moose Cup" National Power Cable Attachment Installation Skill Contest kicked off

A few days ago, with the launch of the official website of the contest, the first National Knowledge Gathering Competition for Power Cable Accessories was officially opened.

In recent years, the growth of China's cable lines has been very rapid. How to improve the quality of cable installation and the level of safe operation, eliminate cable faults in a timely manner and quickly restore power supply have become an extremely important task for the power supply departments at all levels. To discuss the excellent solutions and application experience of power cable installation and operation, exchange new technologies and new achievements in power cables, and build an on-site interactive communication platform for experts, technicians, and construction personnel. The China United technological development service center is specially associated with British media. Liangbao News Agency and Qingdao Han Cable Co., Ltd. are scheduled to hold the "2011 National Power Cable Installation and Operation Experience Exchange Conference" in Qingdao on October 26-27, 2011, and hold the "Han Cable Cup" first power cable in the same period. Attachment installation knowledge contest.

In order to highlight the effectiveness and communication, this exchange meeting has specially arranged topics such as seminars, seminars, installation of skills and competitions, and visits and inspections. There will be more than 200 people from the State Grid Corporation of China, China Southern Power Grid Corporation, provincial power companies and their subsidiaries, research institutes and other related management, technical personnel, and personnel engaged in the construction and installation of power cables and well-known experts in the field of wire and cable. .

The power cable installation skill knowledge competition is an important part of this experience exchange meeting. The installation of high-voltage cable accessories is a key link in the construction quality of the line, and the most important factor in determining the construction quality is the skill of the installation personnel. It is an effective and necessary means to improve the reliability of power supply and the skills of construction and installation personnel. Holding the installation skill knowledge contest will drive and promote the majority of power employees to delve into business, improve their skills, create enthusiasm for excellence, promote the cultivation of high-skilled personnel in the industry, and create a good atmosphere of respecting skills and respecting talents within the industry.

Knowledge contest activities are available throughout the country, and all power supply bureaus can organize relevant personnel to participate in the competition. The content of the competition includes knowledge of drawing, basic knowledge of electrical engineering, electronic technology, electrical equipment and power grid, power supply and distribution methods and energy metering, locksmith knowledge, lifting knowledge, safe and civilized production and environmental protection knowledge, management knowledge and relevant laws and regulations. The competition time is September 6, 2011 - October 12, 2011. Knowledge contest questions are published on the official website of the State Grid News and Events. Players can participate in the competition in the following ways:

1. The organization organizes the collective organization of technical construction personnel to participate in the theoretical knowledge competition. After completing the knowledge contest topics, they will be collectively reported to the event organizing committee.

2. Submit online through the contest official website () and participate in the power cable quiz.

3. Through the State Grid News, China Southern Power, newspapers, and other information on the publication of events and knowledge contests to answer questions, back to the activities of the Organizing Committee, fax 010-63413630.

The reporter learned from the contest organizing committee that during the competition, it will also carry out the collection of outstanding papers, and during the meeting edit and publish the “2011 National Excellent Collection of Power Cable Installation and Operation Papers”. Knowledge contests and excellent papers will be uniformly selected by the competition expert judging panel. The expert judging panel will be from the former State Power Corporation Production Department, the Southern Power Grid Production Department Distribution Department, the State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, the Yunnan Power Grid Corporation Infrastructure Department, and the China Electronics Branch. It consists of 20 experts from the Institute of Rural Electric Power and Distribution Research.

At present, with the in-depth development of knowledge contests across the country, local power supply companies have set off an upsurge of business overtaking. A person in charge of a power company in the western region stated that whether the organization planning or the composition of the judging panel is very professional and high-standard, our company hopes to participate in such a competition to reach the inspection team, exercise the staff, and enhance the purpose of communication. Therefore, we set up a sub-divisional area to organize full-time technical cadres and employees to participate in the knowledge competition, and to create a chance for business professionals to show themselves, and thus to improve the technical level of power cable construction in remote western regions.

Qingdao Han Cable Co., Ltd. is a national key high-tech enterprise that develops, produces and manages high-tech wire and cable, and has a prominent industry position. It has ranked first in the market share of high-voltage and ultra-high voltage cables, and is a domestic high-voltage, ultra-high-voltage power. The leader of cable-related technology research and development, the company gave strong support for this event, the installation of the skills to watch the game will be held in the company, and provide game materials, after the game will also arrange for participants to visit their power cable New production processes and processes. Zhang Huakai, chairman of Qingdao Han Cable Co., Ltd., enthusiastically told reporters that we are doing our best to prepare for the competition and prepare participants for the exchanges. We also hope to use this contest to enhance the learning exchanges between local technical experts.