June 21, 2021

The Panasonic plant factory system is popular with purple LED lights!

Matsushita recently announced that it has delivered the "Artificial Light Plant Factory System" to SG Greenhouse, a subsidiary of the Western Japan Gas Company. SG Greenhouse began to carry out cultivation demonstration experiments in January 2016, and will start selling "low-potassium lettuce" that will reduce the potassium content to less than 20% (98 mg/100 g or less) from May 20.

The artificial light plant system and cultivation technology delivered this time combines many technologies of Panasonic, including plant cultivation control technology using energy conservation, analysis and optical technology, environmental control technology such as lighting and air conditioning, and the use of nanoe nano water ions. Bacterial technology, communication and network technology.

According to Matsushita, the plant factory system will provide a homogeneous cultivation environment while reducing power consumption, improve the rate of cultivation and contribute to the industrialization of agriculture. SG Greenhouse has set up the system in a new cultivation building that can produce 3,500 low-potassium lettuce per day.

Matsushita began researching the artificial light plant system in 2012. In August 2013, the company built a pilot plant at the company's Fukushima plant and began selling the system in April 2014. According to reports, the SG Greenhouse system is the first large plant factory system delivered by Panasonic.

Under the trend of population aging, Japanese agriculture faces problems such as shortage of manpower, and the demand for agricultural robots will become higher and higher. Panasonic has used advanced technologies accumulated over the years, such as sensors, to start to get involved in plant factories and so on. Source of income.

Some time ago, Matsushita’s opening of an indoor vegetable farm in Xinjiapo was widely reported. Panasonic launched the first indoor vegetable factory approved by the government in Singapore in July 2014. The indoor vegetable farm is located in a factory in western Singapore and has been transformed into a current plant farm through Panasonic's factory solutions and automation equipment. The plant uses purple LED lights and a strict climate and environmental control system to grow growing green vegetables. It is understood that Panasonic's vegetable salad made from vegetables in plant farms is currently priced at 6.9 Xinjiapo (about RMB 31.7). Although the price is twice that of Malaysian packaged vegetables, it is still subject to the residents of Xinjiapo. gaze.

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