September 28, 2021

The regulatory authorities called for active stabilization of listed companies to save themselves

The recent stock market has been described as "a glimpse of a thousand miles" and "from heaven to hell". It has fallen from 5178 points on June 12 to today's lowest point of 3585 points, using only 16 trading days. Thousands of stocks have been on the rise. Recently, the government's bailout policy has been frequent. From the central bank, the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, the Securities Industry Association, the fund industry association to the securities company, CICC, and public and private companies, the institutions have made sounds to maintain the stability of the capital market. Today, Yao Feng, executive vice president of the China Association for the Advancement of the People's Republic of China, also called on listed companies to actively take measures to stabilize the stock price. The “salvation” action of listed companies has recently started.

The Association called on listed companies to actively take measures to stabilize the share price <br> <br> in the defense industry sector co-MIC release ceremony held in Beijing today. At the press conference, Yao Feng, Party Secretary and Executive Vice President of the China Association of Listed Companies, issued a proposal on behalf of the Association of Chinese Listed Companies. The following is the full text of the proposal:

Members of the majority of listed companies:

Listed companies rely on and benefit from the development of the securities market. The healthy and stable development of the securities market is closely related to listed companies. Recently, China's securities market has experienced irrational fluctuations, but the momentum of macroeconomic stabilization has not changed, and the trend of continued improvement in the fundamentals of listed companies has not changed. The irrational decline of the securities market is not conducive to the healthy and stable development of the securities market, but also directly affects the healthy and stable development of listed companies. To this end, the Association of Chinese Listed Companies advocates:

1. Each listed company, in the scope permitted by laws and regulations, and actively taking measures such as company repurchase, major shareholder increase, employee shareholding, and executive suspension of shareholding, etc., stabilize the company's share price and actively fulfill its social responsibility. Effectively safeguard the interests of all shareholders.

2. Further strengthen information disclosure, disclose company information in a true, accurate, timely and complete manner, and clarify false rumors in a timely manner.

3. Further deepen innovation and development, focus on company management, optimize investor returns, and increase the attractiveness of long-term value investment.

4. Further strengthen investor relations management, patiently communicate with investors and strengthen investor confidence.

Listed companies are in action, increase holdings, repurchase, and suspension of trading – listed companies self-rescue “three treasures” come together. On July 4th, Suning Yunshang Co., Ltd. and 50 small and medium-sized companies issued a proposal for maintaining stability. On July 6, Vanke's tens of billions of repurchasing power to support the stock price. In addition to the repurchase program, the listed company's holdings are also expanding. From June 15 to July 3, 255 companies were increased by major shareholders. At the same time, the suspension of trading is also an important means for listed companies to stabilize their stock prices. By July 7, the number of suspended companies in listed companies reached a new high, with 750. It is expected that more listed companies will join the “rescue city” in the future, and more specific stock price stabilization plans will be issued.

First, "listed companies in action" - initiatives

The first batch of 28 companies on the GEM initiative to maintain market stability:

On July 3, faced with the fierce shocks of the A-share market in recent weeks, the actual controllers of the first batch of 28 listed companies on the GEM issued a four-point initiative to maintain market stability and deliver positive energy. Several of these companies have issued an announcement of overweight. They advocated to all listed companies, listed company actual controllers, major shareholders and senior management personnel: strengthen investor communication, eliminate investor misunderstanding, establish market confidence; actively take effective measures to maintain and maintain the stability of the GEM market and maintain capital market prosperity; Within the scope permitted by laws and regulations, actively adopt all possible measures such as repurchase, increase holding, and no reduction, and effectively protect the interests of all shareholders; further improve the company's management and management, and do a good job in business and seize Opportunities for economic transformation, returning investors with growth in performance. [Details]

Su Ning Yunshang United Small and Medium-sized Board 50 companies to maintain stability proposals:

On July 4, under the temporary irrational adjustment of the capital market, the first batch of 50 small and medium-sized listed companies launched a four-point initiative on July 4, which indicated that they could seize the Chinese economy. The historical opportunity of transformation and upgrading continues to create value for investors, create wealth, firmly maintain the stability of the capital market, and convey the confidence and determination of the positive energy of the stock market. As the leader of the proposal, Zhang Jindong took the lead in committing that the major shareholders would not reduce Suning’s stock within three years. [Details of the proposal]

Zhongguancun listed company association issued action initiatives: major shareholder increase, company repurchase, executives temporarily not reduced on July 4 from the Zhongguancun listed company association learned that the association recently released the "action initiative to maintain the stable development of the capital market" . The reform proposal proposes: correctly understand the macroeconomic situation, rationally analyze and seize opportunities. In the past year, China's multi-level capital market environment has been continuously improved, and the overall growth rate has nearly doubled. However, compared with China's continued growth in the global economy, there is still much room for improvement. We have reason to believe that China will develop into a leader and driver of the global economy in the near future. This deep adjustment of the capital market has brought a rare investment opportunity to flash. The major shareholders, listed companies and market investors are the community of interests and the community of responsibility. Within the scope permitted by laws and regulations, we will actively adopt measures such as large shareholder increase, company repurchase, and senior executives to temporarily reduce holdings, seize investment opportunities, stabilize stock prices, and effectively safeguard the interests of all shareholders.

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