November 29, 2021

Three main points of domestic optical fiber broadband industry development

The current per capita broadband penetration rate in China is less than 10%, far from the level of 30% to 40% in developed countries. It is very necessary and timely for the broadband strategy to formally rise to the national level. In recent years, with the official deployment of China's optical fiber broadband network, network coverage and access rate have increased significantly. However, compared with developed countries, there is still a large gap between China's optical fiber access technology innovation capability and fiber broadband network penetration rate, especially the technology, standards and application level of the last 100 meters of optical fiber need to be further improved.

The implementation of the broadband national strategy will surely bring about great development and prosperity of optical fiber access technology. China should seize this rare opportunity, seize the commanding heights of access technology, and lay a solid foundation for the deployment of broadband applications and services, so that the people can really enjoy low-cost and high-quality broadband services.

The optical fiber broadband industry is one of the fastest growing industries with the largest development space in the current information industry. Accelerating the construction of optical fiber broadband networks can promote the upgrading of network infrastructure, improve the ability of independent innovation, and promote the development of related industries. In response to the financial crisis, achieving stable growth, adjusting structure, protecting people's livelihood, promoting stability, and even enhancing the country's long-term competitiveness are important Strategic significance.

In order to grasp the important opportunities for the development of optical fiber access, to seize the commanding heights of technological innovation, we must make efforts from the following three aspects:

One is to increase the innovation of optical fiber access technology and study original optical fiber access technology suitable for China's characteristics.

As of 2011, the nationwide optical fiber broadband user coverage exceeded 80 million, and the number of new broadband users will exceed 50 million within three years. However, compared with developed countries, China still has a lot of shortcomings in the original technical innovation of optical fiber access, and the access cost of optical fiber access users is still relatively high. Therefore, it is recommended that the country should increase policy support through the establishment of major innovations in fiber access technology original innovation, and form international standards, patents and specifications for fiber access with independent intellectual property rights, and study low-cost fiber that meets China's application needs and network needs. Access products to better seize the commanding heights of fiber access technology innovation.

The second is to strengthen the technical innovation of the optical communication core network to effectively meet the higher requirements of the popular broadband optical fiber access on the core network bandwidth and business processing capabilities.

With the rapid growth of the number of broadband fiber access users, the demand for information in society has expanded dramatically. Especially in the past few years, Internet traffic has been exploding, and the existing core network technology will not effectively meet the future popularization of broadband fiber access After the huge demand. In order to better support national broadband infrastructure construction, research and innovation on key technologies of the core network should be increased, such as 1Tb / s single-source optical transmission key technology, 100GDWDM ultra-large-capacity optical transmission technology, all-optical switching technology, etc. It is recommended that the state support the core network technology research and development related enterprises through special funds for core network technology innovation, tax refund subsidies, and special appropriations, so as to better compete for the right to speak for global optical communications core technology innovation, and promote China ’s optical fiber broadband network. Construction and development.

The third is to strengthen the research on related technologies, standards and products of the last 100 meters of fiber broadband network access.

Due to the fiber access user side, especially in the fiber-to-the-home user's home, China's existing fiber-access technology is not suitable for the comprehensive popularization of fiber-to-the-home in terms of standards, technology, product implementation, engineering design and implementation. There is still a lot of room for improvement in the quality, reliability, and applicability of access products during the construction of optical fiber access networks. Therefore, it is recommended that for the last 100 meters of optical fiber access, the country should increase its layout in terms of policies, projects, and financial support. Through policy guidance, strengthen the research and innovation of fiber access user-side related technologies and standards. Relevant parties also need to further tighten the quality and reliability requirements of access products, and deploy new types of new buildings in popularized and mandatory cities Strengthen the implementation of small bend radius optical fiber, and further popularize the education on the safe use of optical fiber.

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