June 21, 2021

Weibo Company: Based on Quality Outlook Health and Comfort Future Lighting World

On June 10th, 2012, the author was invited to participate in the 17th Guangzhou International Lighting Fair. In this exhibition, Mr. Guo Zhenqun, the manager of Weibao Market, and Mr. Zhu Yongkang, Product Manager of the company, performed the LED lighting technology and its future prospects. communicate with.

Wei Bao Marketing Manager Guo Zhenqun (right) and Wei Bao Product Manager Zhu Yongkang (left)

Progress and challenge coexist LED lighting to enter the development highway

Many years ago, LED products were also mainly used in information display, although the brightness has reached a high level, but far from the lighting applications, coupled with high manufacturing costs, LED products have not been widely promoted and application. In recent years, the luminous rate of LED has gradually increased. The mainstream products can basically achieve an illumination of 70 lumens per watt. Some high-quality products can even achieve 80 lumens per watt, which is a good preparation for LED lighting.

As far as technology is concerned, as a professional manufacturer of LED light sources, Weibo has introduced that LED lighting products are generally composed of: lamp beads, driving circuits, cooling equipment, and modeling lamp shades. The lamp bead and the driver circuit directly determine the brightness level of the LED lamp. Weibo's products use advanced lamp beads and exclusive circuit-driven technology to make LED's light conversion efficiency up to 80 lumens per watt, of which 10 watts can produce 840 lumens of brightness.

There is another problem in the development of LED technology, and this problem also exists in energy-saving lamps, which is a problem of color rendering. “The term color rendering is relatively unfamiliar to most consumers because no energy-saving lamp products are listed at the beginning of the domestic market and they are not willing to tell consumers the 'defects', which makes most of the consumers I have not heard this term," said Mr. Zhu Yongkang, Weibao's product manager. “In Japan and European and American markets, some international brand products will mark this parameter in product parameters. The average color rendering of energy-saving lamps and LED lamps is about 80%, and Verbatim has a higher requirement for color rendering. The use of the environment, the introduction of the corresponding product, its color rendering up to 95%."

The color rendering of a lamp, if expressed in plain language, is based on the fact that an incandescent lamp has the same brightness, the vividness of the object that the person can see, and in a lighting product with high color rendering, the illuminated object has a better appearance. Color performance. With this color rendering problem, energy-saving lamps cannot pass.

Weibao's LED lighting bulb products for the mainstream application market Energy-saving lamps have reached the end of the great Edison invented the tungsten lamp, which is now the ancestor of incandescent lamps. However, due to the high energy consumption of incandescent lamps (10 lumens per watt), short life span (1000 hours), and large heat generation, they have basically been replaced by energy-saving lamps (light bulbs).

Although energy-saving lamps have occupied the position as the leading faucet for lighting equipment, the light conversion efficiency of around 60 lumens per watt is also at risk. At the same time, the energy-saving lamps must add mercury in the production process, and these harmful substances are difficult to achieve recycling, can only use the buried treatment method, will have an irreversible impact on the environment, it will also harm our future generations. “At present, some countries in Europe have started collecting levy taxes, or require manufacturers to recycle the corresponding quantity of products. If the cost of this part of the levy is added to the production cost of energy-saving lamps, the actual cost of energy-saving lamps is already quite close to that of LED lamps. Therefore, strong manufacturers will be more willing to produce LED products.” Mr. Guo Zhenqun, marketing manager of Weibao, mentioned.

On the left is the LED product lighting effect using the Weibo VxRGB technology, the right is the ordinary energy-saving lamp lighting effect. Incandescent delisting LED lighting to meet the development opportunity According to Mr. Guo Zhenqun, Weibo market manager, the country has already issued relevant policies gradually phased out The incandescent lamp products with extremely poor energy consumption, although the current production and sales of the products are only 100w or more, it is only a matter of time to gradually phase out the incandescent lamps, and this market will be vacant by energy-saving lamps (bulbs) and LEDs. Bulb products are filled. In 2011, a total of one billion incandescent lamp products were sold in the country. Mr. Guo Zhenqun thus expected that even if LED bulbs can only occupy 30% of the market, it will certainly be a very large market. Therefore, whether it is now or in the future, the development prospects of LED lighting products are quite optimistic. It is expected that the market for lighting products will dominate the future.

At present, many manufacturers are able to produce various kinds of LED lamps with different powers, but they have adopted various current commercial and home interface products. Their general product power is below 8 watts, making it difficult to achieve 10 watts or more. The main reason is that high-power products have higher heat dissipation requirements. If LED lights are not timely and effectively cooled, their performance will have a greater downward trend, and Verbatim has unique technologies in driving circuits and heat dissipation performance. Enables its products to cover higher power. As a current mainstream product for commercial and residential lighting applications, products with an effective light efficiency of about 800 lumens are the most comfortable for lighting.

Quality is the first priority based on the commercial market "In fact, many of the above data and reality are based on a manufacturer's point of view, but if you stand in the perspective of consumers to consider, to tell the truth, the current price of LED products is still Relatively high, the retail price of a common 10W model of Verbatim is probably around 100 yuan, said Mr. Guo Zhenqun, Weibo market manager.

As we all know, in fact, before Weibo was most famous in China as a storage product, the promotion of higher-priced LED lighting products was a new attempt, plus the reasons for selling prices, so Weibao first wanted to establish The market reputation and market share for the commercial market. “We currently offer LED lighting products from Verbatim that do not have obvious advantages in terms of price. However, due to Mitsubishi's corporate culture, Verbatim places great emphasis on the quality of products in production, and does a quality inspection. Strict control ensures that the factory's products can reach the highest standards, and this is an important requirement for the business environment.For example, a ceiling lamp in a hotel lobby, because these lights are high from the ground, the replacement is quite troublesome if used Products can not withstand continuous use for a long time, or continuous switch, then the hotel's use of cost will be pulled up very high, far from the initial investment in the use of Verbatim products to be worthwhile.” Guo Zhenqun said again.

Although Weibo currently has a variety of different LED lighting technologies, it currently focuses on product quality primarily for the domestic market, and has won the recognition and approval of commercial users through outstanding product quality. After broadening the market in other areas, of course, Household products will also be launched simultaneously, but this will not be promoted.

Health, comfort and sustainable development Weibo has brought a concept called “Kaiteki”. This can be said to be the concept of company management, and it can also be said that it is a design concept for LED energy-saving lighting technology products. Weibo hopes that its own LED lighting products can provide users with a healthy and comfortable lighting environment, and these products themselves will not cause any damage to the environment and achieve a sustainable future.

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