June 21, 2021

What are the most worth watching TV shows in June 2016?

A good TV show released in June: Old Nine Gates

TV drama "Old Nine Gates" basic information

Set number: 42 sets

Area: Mainland China

Starring: Chen Weimin Zhao Liying Zhang Yixing Yuan Bingjun

Language: Mandarin Chinese

Director: Liang Shengquan He Yipei Huang Junwen

Year: 2016

Screenplay: Nanpai Uncle, Zhang Shuang, Tang Qifu

TV Drama "Old Jiumen" Drama Introduction

In July 1937, the Japanese launched a full-scale war of aggression against China. The motherland and the mountains were fragmented. The whole nation was united to fight against the enemy and launched a fierce battle with the Japanese. A military station that entered the station late at night led Zhang Qishan, a defense officer in Changsha City, to a suspicious mine. To solve the mystery of the mine, Zhang Qishan appealed to antiques to appreciate everyone in February and to forge a deep friendship. In the process of tracing secrets, Zhang Qishan encountered a life in love with Yin Xinyue. Both men and women lived through hardships. The trap of a traitor made Zhang Qishan betrayed and forced to flee from Changsha.

A good-looking TV show released in June: Fantasy City

TV drama "Fantasy City" basic information

Set number: 62 sets

Area: Mainland China

Starring: Feng Shaofeng Song Wei Ma Tianyu Zhang Meng

Language: Mandarin Chinese

Director: Yan Jueliang

Year: 2016

Screenplay: Shen Yanning

Category: Mythical Magic Costumes

TV drama "Fantasy City" story introduction

The Ice and the Fire are the two major protoss in ancient legends. After a hundred years of war, the Fires defeated, and the younger generation of the Ice King, the king of the King of Snow, left only the two princes Carlos and Sakura. In the process of the change of the throne, Casso has lost his lover and his brother Sakura. After ascending the throne, Carso accidentally discovered the existence of evil forces in the magical snow-capped mountains of the Holy Land. He and six clever young people entered the mysterious and magical snow-capped mountains and wrestled with the Yuan-shan mountains. However, when they defeated the four great conservationists of the Yuanchi Festival, they discovered that everything was...

A good-looking TV show released in June: Sparrow

TV drama "Sparrow" basic information

Set number: 60 sets

Area: Mainland China

Starring: Li Yifeng, Zhou Dongyu, Zhang Luyi, Qing Zi

Language: Mandarin Chinese

Director: Jin Xi Zhou Yuanzhou

Year: 2016

Screenplay: Haifei

Category: Spy Campaign Revolution

TV drama "Sparrow" story introduction

In March 1940, Wang Puppet Government announced its establishment. The Japanese invading the Japanese army arrested and defended the journalists in Shanghai. Wang puppeted the establishment of the “Special Operations Office”, where the former Kuomintang officer Bi Zhongliang served as the chief. Chen Shen, a member of the Communist Party who has been lurking beside Bi Zhongliang and codenamed "sparrow," has temporarily lost contact with the organization. In the dangerous situation of tigers and wolfs, Chen Shen firmly believes that he is desperate to rescue the "prime minister" on the line and the anti-logists. Bi Zhongliang, a vulgar sire, even though he and his helper Chen Shen “brought the same brothers,” he was skeptical, setting up heavy pitfalls.

A good-looking television drama released in June:

The basic information of the TV series "Long Songs of a Beautiful Country"

Area: Mainland China

Starring: Lin Xinru Yuan Hong Li Jiahang Yu Bo

Language: Mandarin Chinese

Director: Lin Feng, Chen Quan

Year: 2016

Screenwriter: Shao Sihan Li Yanqian Wang Xiaoquan

Category: Historical Legends Costume Love

TV Drama "Long Songs of Beautiful Country" Introduction

During the New Dynasties, when Liu Xiu was at Chang'an Too School, he became acquainted with young talents such as Deng Yu, Liu Xuan, Feng Yi, and Yin Lihua of his childhood. A few years later, the new tyranny, the world chaos. Liu Xiu followed his elder brother, Liu Yan, and he began to rise up. Yin Lihua also disguised herself as a shadowy woman and followed her. From the Fuling Uprising to the Battle of Kunyang, Liu Xiu fought side by side with a group of fellow brothers and sisters fighting in battle. After Liu Xuan became the emperor, he was jealous of the merits of the Liu brothers and killed Liu Yan. Liu Xiu’s wife, Yin Lihua, became a wife and she supported her, and Liu Xuan relaxed her vigilance.

A good-looking TV show released in June: Rouge

TV drama "Rouge" basic information

Set number: 30 sets

Area: Mainland China

Starring: Zhao Liying Lu Yi Yuan Wenkang Tao Yuran

Language: Mandarin Chinese

Director: Xu Jizhou

Year: 2016

Screenwriter: Wang Xi Xu Jizhou

Category: Revolutionary War

TV series "Rouge" drama introduction

In 1937, the Japanese launched a full-scale war of aggression against China, which provoked a strong patriotic enthusiasm for the Chinese nation. Young blue-robin women from Shanghai, together with her college classmates, took to the streets and called for a boycott of Japanese goods in order to support the front line officers. However, because of a preaching activity, the fateful chance came into the confrontation between China and Japan. In spite of her own safety, she actively ran for the war of resistance. After she had made her own meritorious service, she even wanted to open up the country to serve the country. After joining the Kuomintang, the rouge went through large and small battles, but found the negative and depraved within the National Name Party. When the faith shakes, the communists Zhou Ti......

A good-looking TV drama released in June: Yes, Mr. Shang.

The basic information of the TV series "Yes! Mr. Shang"

Set number: 28 sets

Area: Mainland China

Starring: Chen Xuedong Ouyang Nana Ren Yanji Jun Mei

Language: Mandarin Chinese

Director: Guo Jingming

Year: 2016

Category: Modern City Love

The drama "Yes! Mr. Shang" introduces the plot

The fashion group heiress Shang Pangmian secretly sneaked into the fashion magazine to find out the truth about the death of his mother. After encountering the innocent and optimistic workplace novelist Lu Xiaokui, the two became the opponents and co-habitat roommates in the workplace and “killed each other”. At the same time, they gradually have a good impression of each other, and finally complete the "revenge" plan and harvest the love story.

A good TV show released in June: decryption

TV drama "Decryption" basic information

Set number: 40 sets

Area: Mainland China

Starring: Chen Xue Dong Yinger Guo Jingfei Yin Xiaotian

Language: Mandarin Chinese

Director: An Jian

Year: 2016

Screenwriter: Feng Hao

Category: Spy Campaign Revolution

TV drama "Decryption" story introduction

In the early years after the founding of New China, the special agent headed by the “Awakener” sent by Country X had infiltrated into China. The use of a high-level password, codenamed “Purple”, was used to liaise, causing major damage to China’s national defense construction. The special unit 701 Zheng Dang and others were instructed to collect all kinds of geniuses from across the country. They added fresh power to decipher the “dark secret” and even the “black secret” representing the highest level of intelligence. The “fool genius” Rong Jinzhen and others with special mathematical talents were Excavation into 701, a hidden and great legend unfolded slowly. Rong Jinzhen and others not only need to solve a secret like a book...

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