August 03, 2021

Why did Sony introduce their best TV to China so soon?

On August 10th, the Sony Z9D LCD TV, which had just been listed in the United States for less than a month, officially landed on the Chinese market. The last time Sony released the TV that started with "Z" was in 2008: At the time, the TV model "Z1" created a physical limit of the LCD TV of that era with a thickness of 9.9mm. The 9.9mm data is even higher than mainstream performance even after 8 years.

Of course, the Z9D listed this time is not a product known for its thickness, although it also has a very good industrial design. This TV set using a number of "black technologies" has reached the limits of current liquid crystals in terms of overall image quality performance, especially luminance reproduction range. Gao Qiaoyang, chairman and president of Sony China, even used the words “our best TV” to praise the Z9D at the press conference. This is also a treatment that other TVs have never enjoyed in the past.

Why did Sony introduce their best TV to China so soon?
When interviewed by NetEase’s home appliance after the Gaoqiao Foreign Ministers’ Conference, the habit of using TVs has gradually changed over the past ten years or even several years ago. It is only one person who watches through the APP alone. Understanding changes in user needs is the first step in doing this market. Second, although more and more low-priced TV sets are appearing in the Chinese color TV market, Chinese consumers no longer only buy cheaper products, but instead have higher or even better performance as Chinese consumers' spending power increases. Products can be favored. This is why Sony will introduce the Z9D series to the Chinese market at the first time.

Asked why the price of the introduced Z9D series was significantly lower than that of overseas markets, Takahashi Yang said that in the last two years, Sony has reversed the color TV business by focusing on the strategies of the mid-to-high-end market. The price of the Z9D is lower than that of the overseas market, mainly due to Sony's characteristics in the Chinese market. As well as the results of consumer demand judgments and other comprehensive factors, Sony's pricing is in line with the expected sales volume, and will not stick to the average price or price strategy of other brands.

Gao Qiaoyang said that the sales of Sony TVs in the first half of this year increased by 100,000 units, and the profit target for Sony TVs this year will be further raised, and will increase by 5 billion yen. Obviously, Sony will regain its role as a leader in the industry's high-end products through strategic adjustments, and this is why Sony used the “prime force” to introduce the Z9D to the Chinese market.

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