January 20, 2022

Wind River VxWorks supports Sprint to improve the quality of micro cellular wireless communication

Wind River, a global embedded and mobile application software manufacturer, recently announced that Ubee-AirWALK will build on the VxWorks real-time operating system to build its latest enterprise-grade Femtocell solution for CDMA networks. As the support technology of Sprint's AIRAVE Pro Connect brand, this micro-cellular solution has become an important part of Sprint's wireless network indoor coverage business.

Ubee-AirWalk is a small cell (Small Cell) technology leader, its products include femtocell base stations (Femtocell), picocell base stations (Picocells) and urban honeycomb base stations (Metrocells). The small honeycomb type is a compact wireless base station (Compact Wireless Base StaTIon), which can extend and enhance network services in high-use areas of the network. Picocells and Metrocells are usually deployed in public areas to fill gaps in existing infrastructure coverage. Micro-honeycomb technology for residential and corporate use is suitable as an indoor coverage solution, which can greatly enhance the coverage of reception in the home or office.

AIRAVE Pro Connet's enterprise-grade micro-cellular technology not only improves receiving capabilities, but also enhances signal coverage and broadband connectivity in enterprises, schools, government offices, and other public places. Sprint has expanded its voice and data business by adopting AIRAVE Pro Connect, and as a cost-effective indoor coverage solution, AIRAVE Pro Connect has also improved the coverage of Sprint's existing customers. Nowadays, mobile communications are increasing day by day, and users expect higher quality user experience and uninterrupted data connection. To meet these challenges, Ubee-AirWALK must meet the needs of hard real-time processing and develop a new product to be able to reliably offload heavy voice and data loads from the giant honeycomb network to the corporate network. VxWorks is the market leading real-time operating system (RTOS) in the embedded industry, with high real-time, high security and rich network communication protocol stack. This is the key factor for Ubee-AirWalk to choose VxWorks.

"Enterprise-grade micro-cellular technology can help customers reduce costs, speed up deployment, and offload voice and data loads from macro networks. In order to develop a cost-effective and reliable small honeycomb, we need to find a solution that can meet low latency Technologies with special requirements such as high configurability to ensure better security, and must also be able to smoothly integrate with our existing chip technology, "said Chris Osbom, chief technology officer of Ubee-AirWalk," to our business For micro honeycomb technology, VxWorks is an obvious choice. Because it is not only the most widely used real-time operating system, but also has been verified by the entire RTOS industry for many years. We have a long-term cooperation with Wind River because they can continue to To meet our technical needs, and provide excellent technical support in every link, so we have always been a "return customer" of Wind River. "

"The increasing wireless network data transmission volume has caused network congestion, which has forced operators to continue to expand network coverage to ensure users receive quality services," said Mike Langlois, general manager of Wind River's network. Wind River, Ubee-AirWALK can be developed to solve the primary problems of coverage and system capacity that are of primary concern to operators. "

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