February 26, 2020

Worldwide wireless semiconductors plate has reached 500 billion US dollars

According to surveys by relevant agencies, the global wireless semiconductor market has reached 55 billion U.S. dollars, and the amount of such wireless semiconductors is unprecedented. At present, the entire industry and related industries are shifting from PCs to mobile communications and wireless. The PC market has clearly entered a gradual transition period and is gradually transitioning to the wireless mobile multimedia network era.

Nowadays, 3G&WIFI hotspots can be seen everywhere in the subway, the plaza, offices, and fast-food restaurants. These services have also been improved for some time, and they all bring strong technical support to the wireless market. The market is now more and more new and emerging micro-grid devices (tablet PCs and mobile phones), and the process technology of processors is also being upgraded. The development to the mainstream 32-nanometer, TSMC's 28-nanometer release next year, will give the entire industry Bring more high-performance mobile digital products.

The processor was not left behind by the miniaturized digital. Instead, more and more chips were implanted in the processor, leading to many integrated processors. Such as: Intel Core i3-2310M processor built-in core graphics, AMDAPUE-350 merged the core alone, Nvidia's Tegra2 and so on. More and more people buy tablets from Apple Computer and Motorola, which makes the world rekindle the flame of one person.

The power consumption of the processor is what every major manufacturer needs to pursue. This is exactly what each manufacturer is developing vigorously. The process process is one aspect. The hardware power management and the intelligent adjustment of the frequency are all major manufacturers' R&D directions. The miniaturization of the processor is the demand of the industry. The vast market of the industry has also driven the development of the catering industry and the entertainment industry. Even the automotive industry has adopted Nvidia's Tegra2 processor to implement the multimedia car dialogue function. The future time is money. Faster and lighter wireless digital is the mainstream development trend. It starts with a high-performance processor wireless digital acceleration information flow and processing speed, which will save you money and never do OUTMAN.