August 03, 2021

WoWo small box KL2020 out of the box appreciation, really hidden mystery

The WoWo small box KL2020 is a box product of the China Unicom combined Mango TV and Happy Micro TV's main video game. From its configuration, it has a quad-core CPU processor, 2G memory, and 16GB large flash memory configuration. It can be said that Still quite mainstream. And also comes with a Bluetooth game controller for friends who like smart TV games provides a lot of convenience.

The appearance is not too extreme in pursuit of fashion, but the use of a simple design style, the overall orange color, only the front panel part is black. This color scheme still quite fits China Unicom's style. It seems that so many introductions, I believe we must be very interested in this Wodou small box, this main video game box has arrived, which will have any intrinsic? Will it be different from other boxes? Today the author came to share it with you out of the box.

Wodou small box packaging

Packaging parameter introduction

Out of the box (wow! This is where the mystery is, even sending the game handle, good chicken!)

After the Wobot box came out of the box, it was the first game player to come into our eyes. I believe friends who love games will love it very much.

The orange box is actually the protagonist of this year's Wowoo box, but I thought it was just an outer package.

The protagonist appeared. how about it? Is it surprising? Haha, this is the style of China Unicom, and believe that Unicom users will feel very kind.

Small box

WoWo small box interface

Wobot small box bottom, look at the design of the heat dissipation should be pretty good.

Wolves small box KL2020 close-up

WoWo Box Remote Control and Battery

On the whole, the appearance of the WoWo small box still has the characteristics of Unicom. The simple style label is also very obvious. However, due to the color matching, some are deviated from the fashion.
The WoWo small box also has two batteries for everyone. Although it is not how expensive it is, the details are still quite true.

Power Adapter

Warburger distribution gamepad

This is the introduction of all the things inside the box after the KL2020 box. Does my friend see if the gamepad has something to do? The next small series will take you to see how the boot game checkup is!

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