July 10, 2020

Wu Changjiang: The way of thinking determines the way out

Motto: Honest work, integrity management.
Advice: There are no shortcuts in the world, and the eyes should look farther. Don't kill chickens and take eggs for the immediate benefit.

Not elected is not unexpected

Reporter: Mr. Wu, congratulations! In this selection event, the 20 candidates who were short-listed are all very good, and most of them are veteran figures in the lighting industry. Your number of votes is the highest among the “10th”. Have you been surprised to hear this news?
Wu Changjiang: First of all, I am very grateful to the industry professionals for their recognition of the NVC brand and my personal recognition. As a representative of NVC, I am honored to be looking for the top ten outstanding figures. As an individual, I feel that I am well-deserved. I am the first of the "Top Ten Outstanding Persons in China's First Lighting Industry" and I am really surprised. However, this shows that the industry is generally recognized by NVC and the NVC brand. The outside world is looking for outstanding entrepreneurs. I don’t dare to accept it because I care more about the NVC brand, not me. The merits and demerits. With the current influence of the NVC brand in the Chinese lighting industry, I do feel that it is not unexpected.
Reporter: To tell the truth, let's not let it go! Everyone wants to know how you think about the honorary title of "Ten Jewels"? How will NVC be a model for the Chinese lighting industry in the future?
Wu Changjiang: I think that looking for the top ten outstanding figures in China's lighting industry is a huge honor, but also a duty and responsibility. The significance of the "China's first lighting industry's top ten outstanding figures" selection campaign is for the lighting industry. Far-reaching. First of all, the response to this selection activity in the industry is something I have not foreseen. There is no doubt that it has an inestimable effect on the regulation and steady development of the Chinese lighting industry. Secondly, the result of the selection reflects The insiders and outsiders of the industry know which companies are getting better and better, rather than the individuality of some individuals. Again, the selection activities have set a model for the lighting industry in the lighting industry, and pointed out the direction of development. Finally, the selection activities should It is fair to say that the elected companies have indeed played a leading role in the domestic lighting industry.
As for what we will do in the future, I think we should have clear goals and strengthen our confidence. We must not only make NVC’s business performance significantly improved, but also play a leading role and model in the lighting industry. Role, leading the industry to purify the market and promote the rapid integration of the lighting industry. At the same time, I also hope to continue to receive strong support from the "Old Town Lighting News".

Establish an image to prevent counterfeiting

Reporter: NVC established the first brand store in the lighting industry in 1999, and took the lead in introducing the brand monopoly model in the lighting industry. At present, it has developed more than 600 specialty stores in China. Wu is always recognized as the founder of the lighting industry specialty store. NVC is also the most successful enterprise in the lighting industry. Can you talk about why you want to promote the store operation mode in the lighting industry? Where is the key to success?
Wu Changjiang: The problem in front of you, I will sum up the original intention and significance of the store operation. The first is to strengthen the standardized corporate image promotion in the sales terminal, strengthen brand promotion, and enhance corporate image and brand awareness. Secondly, it has a certain preventive effect on the market sales of counterfeit and shoddy products.
I think that the implementation of the store business model must have such a condition, that is, to ensure the profit of a single store in a specialty store. This is the premise for the successful operation of the store. As for how to ensure the profit of a single store in a specialty store, I believe that we must first have a rich product line with a full range of products; secondly, we must have sufficient brand influence to effectively promote sales.
In 2004, we have felt that companies with good business in the industry are getting stronger and stronger, and those with poor management are facing more and more difficulties. The timetable for industry consolidation is getting closer and closer, and industry consolidation will be unprecedented in 2005. I hope that the NVC store will become more and more powerful in the future industry consolidation.

Learning and working correctly

Reporter: Grafting the monopoly mode of home appliances and other industries into the lighting industry and perfecting it is your study and improvement in practice. From 2000 to 2001, studying for the MBA of Tsinghua University's School of Economics and Management is another process of learning and perfecting that combines theory with practice. What is your original intention to pursue an MBA?
Wu Changjiang: I studied for the MBA of Tsinghua University's School of Economics and Management from 2000 to 2001. At that time, I had two purposes: first, to improve, broaden my business ideas, and improve my marketing expertise; second, to establish a platform for exchanges with experienced people.
Reporter: At that time, the company was just in its infancy. When the company needed you the most, why did you choose to study at this time?
Wu Changjiang: Actually, learning and working can be achieved without fail. I hope that everyone will not forget to study because they are too busy at work.
Reporter: Did the study achieve your intended purpose? What kind of help does your MBA bring to your current and future business?
Wu Changjiang: I have already achieved my intended purpose in studying for an MBA. This has made me more transparent about things, and I have seen them farther and more accurately. Before I went to the MBA, I had some forward-looking and predictive understanding of business management. After I learned, I got a deeper understanding and improvement in theory, which strengthened my belief. I think this is very important. .

Look a little farther

Reporter: Before looking for the 10th, many people may know "NVC", but they don't necessarily know your name. Today everyone knows your name, more people want to know that in just 5 years, What power makes you make the brand of "NVC" so loud, where is it?
Wu Changjiang: NVC can achieve the current performance in just five years, relying on the correct business philosophy and ideas. A popular phrase inside NVC is: "Thinking determines the way out." If you want to say "诀窍", this is.
I often warn my employees: to be a man, to have enough confidence in yourself, but definitely not at your own risk. Confidence is to despise opponents strategically and to value opponents tactically; conceit is to despise opponents both strategically and tactically.
Reporter: Many of the audiences who came to the scene today are the bosses and employees of SMEs. As successful entrepreneurs, they all want to use you as a model or role model for learning. Do you have any words or experiences to tell you?
Wu Changjiang: The experience cannot be said. But I would like to take this opportunity to remind the majority of SME business operators and friends: to be honest, to operate with integrity. There are no shortcuts in the world, and the eyes should look farther. Don't kill chickens and take eggs for the immediate benefit.
Reporter: Thank you, Mr. Wu for his high opinion. (Reporter Lu Zuhui, reporter of the newspaper)

Character impression

For the first time, I officially met with Mr. Wu Changjiang, remembering that it was in Zhuhai. The reporter was invited to participate in the "NVC Dealer Conference 2004" report. At that time, whether at the meeting or after interviews, Mr. Wu Changjiang’s wisdom and self-confidence were full of words and impressive impressions.
This is the second time to face Mr. Wu Changjiang, the capital of China's lighting --- Zhongshan Guzhen Town. Although the time and place have changed, Mr. Wu Changjiang's wisdom and self-confidence have not been reduced, but it has added a little joy and pride to successful entrepreneurs.

Source: Lighting Vision